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Research: Women prefer to outsource paint jobs

Monday 17 May 2021

Painting walls is most hated paint job 

A lick of paint often works wonders. Yet there is a lot involved in a paint job. Think about the purchase of tools, the masking of the smallest details, the layer of primer that has to be popped on first and then the painting can really begin. Enough reasons to outsource it. We did some research about the do-it-yourself (or spend-it-out) painting of the Dutch. 

The inside of your house is almost a dream. To keep it a bit exciting, the house was made completely Pinterest-proof. There were plenty of trips to the DIY store, the garden centre and the environmental recycling station. The need for something new has not escaped us either. In fact: in 2020, we experienced a doubling of the number of requests for painting jobs. Almost twice as many staircases, window frames and façades were given a new colour or print!


The most tedious paint jobs

"Our painters painted a lot of square metres in 2020," says Arthur de Leeuw, founder of Zoofy. "Apparently, people are terrified of applying a new layer of paint to their walls. The number of requests for wall painting doubled in comparison to last year. This put this job at number one with us. Understandable, because when you have a new colour in mind you would rather have it on the wall today than tomorrow. Fortunately, our craftsmen were happy to take this time-consuming job off your hands."


In second place of the most frequently outsourced jobs is the painting of the window frame. The top three ends with painting the façade. The painter per hour (for all large and small painting jobs) was also very popular this year. When we look at the difference between 2019 and 2020, we see an increase of 13%. Despite the fact that there is more time to do it yourself, it is evidently so easy to hire someone.