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Monday 24 February 2020

Rest assured. You are not the only one who hates doing odd jobs. It's even more annoying when your friends ask you to help them with DIY. And why would they want to put you through that? From now on, you can easily and quickly arrange any kind of professional via Zoofy. Whether you need a plumber, an electrician, a heating engineer, a handyman, a carpenter or a painter to paint all the rooms in your house... For every kind of job we have men in your neighbourhood who can do your job fast.

At Zoofy, you can win €500 handyman credit. What do you have to do?

Like the Zoofy Instagram page.
Like the win action Instagram post of 24 February.
Make up an excuse to get out of it - something that should come effortlessly from your fingers as a true handyman - and post it under our Instagram win action post.
Easy peasy, right?

The excuse that makes us laugh the hardest at team Zoofy, wins... Let the games begin!



And to help you on your way, for inspiration... Earlier today, De Speld came up with the 8 best excuses to use when someone asks you to help paint their house. Can you top this?

These are the 8 best excuses to stay at home

I'm allergic to paintbrushes.
''I actually only paint with rusty brown. If that's OK with you, I'd like to come!
''I'll have to check my diary to see if I have time today to make up an excuse for that.''
''The dog ate my paint clothes and I have a very strange size.''
''The bridge was open, and while I was waiting for it I realised that I don't feel like it at all. Sorry!''
''What you can also do is to buy my house, it's already been painted!
''I can't find a babysitter for my plants.''
''Nice! I can bring my own graffiti? I have a new tag.''


Zoofy is the right place for every repair and/or maintenance job in or around the house. Zoofy flies around as a matchmaker in your search for a handyman on a white horse. Forget about endless phone calls to find the right professional. Zoofy puts you in contact with reliable, pre-screened handymen who live just around the corner. For a predetermined fair rate, without call-out charges and including warranty. Whether you are looking for a handyman for that messy attic or a plumber with urgency; with a database of more than 4,000 craftsmen there is always a man in your area to help. Zoofy. Done in no time.