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Top 10 most tedious chores in and around the house

Monday 18 January 2021

Chores in the house? In every household, small chores pop up after a while. Many people put off fixing them. This is mainly because the most annoying chores cause some inconvenience. Not so extreme that they have to be fixed immediately, but you think about it regularly. Spending more time indoors, working from home or the winter weather makes these chores stand out more.
In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can solve the inconvenience quickly and effectively.

Top 10 most annoying chores

Which annoying or boring chores can you think of?

A dripping or leaking tap
Hanging lamps instead of bare bulbs on the ceiling
Installing a wall socket
Wall or ceiling whitening
Cleaning the windows (also the upper windows)
Remove weeds
Laying a piece of laminate in that bare room.
Mowing the grass / small garden maintenance
Leaking gutter
Replace roof tiles
How to put an end to procrastinating on chores
If you've ever made to-do lists, you'll recognise the feeling of satisfaction you get when a job is done. Tackling procrastination is done by making a list of chores. It's useful to organise these according to priority. It is also wise to look at the season.
For example, you can finish an existing laminate floor that has no skirting boards when it's raining and storming outside. But pruning your weeping willow is not recommended in this weather.

It's easy to hire a handyman for these jobs. The nice thing is that this professional will take the work off your hands. You also don't have to go to the hardware store yourself to look for parts. The handyman already has them.
You can find a lot of handyman services on Zoofy. Divided into convenient categories for extra ease of search. You can also see the region in which a professional works and the hourly rate charged.

Jobs for in the winter

A leaking indoor tap is irritating for many people. It also costs a lot of water if you wait too long to repair it. Plumbers do not shy away from replacing a tap or repairing a leak.
They will also take care of clogged drains. And they will also get rid of bad smells in your home.

The winter period is also suitable for hanging up lights. Especially since it gets dark quicker in this period. A handyman will quickly do away with the bare light bulbs on your ceiling and easily install a beautiful lamp.

Due to lack of time, it could be that you have not yet fixed the skirting boards in that one room. Or that the laminate in the house has not yet been laid everywhere. A flooring specialist can help to quickly lay the entire floor. A creaking floor or repairing damage is also something you can consult the floor specialist for.