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Klusjesman Schoonmaak

3 Tips for outdoor awning maintenance

Monday 25 April 2022

Three tips for maintaining your outdoor blinds

When you buy beautiful outdoor sun protection, you want to enjoy it as long as possible. To keep your awnings beautiful for a long time, it is smart to maintain them regularly. This way, the quality does not deteriorate too fast and you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. In this article, we give three tips on how to maintain your outdoor blinds.


1: Use the right cleaning products

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining outdoor blinds. Most external blinds have a fabric. The fabric is easy to clean. If you are going to do that, make sure you use the right cleaning products.

A sunshade or pergola fabric often has a special layer to repel water and dirt. The moment you start cleaning this impregnated layer with corrosive agents, you will damage and reduce the effect of the layer. So don't use aggressive cleaning agents and don't scrub too hard. Try using water first and if you do use detergent, choose a natural soap and a soft brush.

2: Be aware of the weather conditions

Weather conditions affect the condition of your awning in more ways than one. It goes without saying that it is wise to retract the awning when the wind is blowing hard. In a storm, the wind can get under the awning and damage it. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure the screen is retracted when a storm is about to break.

It is also wise to watch out for rain. In principle, it is not a problem if the awning gets wet, but it is better to prevent it. If it does get wet, make sure it is completely dry again before retracting the awning. If necessary, dry it yourself. If it gets wet and stays wet, mould can develop and you will be worse off.

Besides the wind and rain, it is also important to take the sun into account. Especially if you want to clean the screen. If you clean it in bright sunlight, the screen may dry out too quickly and cause stains.

3: Do the maintenance in time

Have you had your awning for a while now? Then it can't do any harm to give the external blinds extra attention. For example, you could have the fabric re-impregnated in the long run. It will then be more resistant to water and dirt. You could also have the moving parts of your awning (if there are any) lubricated once in a while.