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The five benefits of a boiling water tap

Monday 23 May 2022

You see it appear in more and more kitchens, the boiling water tap, often this is a Quooker. This gives you boiling water for cooking or making a cup of tea in the blink of an eye. But doesn't that cost a lot of electricity to always have hot water at hand? And do you really need a boiling water tap? We list the five advantages of a boiling water tap for you, so you don't have to hesitate any longer.

The five advantages of a boiling water tap

1. Time-saving

A boiling water faucet has a reservoir that always contains boiling hot water. When you use the tap you will always have boiling water. When water is drawn from the tap, new water enters the reservoir which is immediately heated. So you immediately have hot water for a cup of tea or to cook your pasta or rice. So you never have to wait for the water to boil. With a large pan of water this can take up to ten minutes, and even a kettle needs a few minutes before the water boils. If you want to make a simple pasta dish, it takes the longest time to boil the water for the pasta. So it can save you a lot of time while cooking.

2. Space-saving

A boiling water tap produces boiling hot water as well as cold and hot water. It takes up as much space as a normal tap, but you can do much more with it. All you need is some space in the cupboard under the sink for the water tank. A boiling water tap also means you no longer need a kettle on your kitchen counter. Other appliances, such as egg cookers and rice cookers are also no longer needed when you have a boiling water tap. So you have more space on the counter. Some taps can even provide extra cold or sparkling water. This also saves space in the fridge because you don't have to keep bottles of cold water.

3. Energy-saving

It may sound like a huge waste of energy to continuously heat water to boiling point. However, you can save energy with a boiling water tap. The reservoir is well insulated, so it loses little heat. So it takes little energy to keep the water so hot. Boiling water in a pan or in a kettle costs much more energy. Especially if you use a boiling water tap that also uses the reservoir for the hot water, you save a lot of energy. That way, the central heating boiler does not need to be switched on when you need hot water. It also saves water because you don't have to wait for the water to get hot enough.

4. Filtered water

Most boiling water taps filter the water as it flows through the tap. Such a filter removes lime from the water and removes chlorine, for example. This makes the water taste better and feel softer. It is also good for the appliances you use the water in, such as your coffee machine. You will have fewer problems with lime deposits. You do need to change the filters from time to time to ensure they continue to do their job.

5. Safe for children

Boiling water taps are fitted with a safety device so that they are safe for children to use. There are usually two handles on the tap, one for the cold and hot water and a separate one for the hot water. In addition, the lever for the hot water has a child lock. This means that a child cannot use this tap and accidents cannot happen. The child lock also makes the tap safer for adults, as you can never accidentally use the wrong lever and suddenly find yourself washing your hands with boiling hot water. In addition, the tap is well insulated. The outside of the tap will therefore not become hot when boiling hot water runs through it.


A boiling water faucet has several advantages. Although the faucet is a big purchase and you have to make some space in the kitchen cabinet, a boiling water faucet will save you a lot of money, time and space. Enough reasons to buy such a tap. Especially if you are planning to renovate your kitchen anyway, a boiling water faucet is a must. They are available in different designs from classic and elegant to sleek and modern. We hope you enjoy your new tap. Enjoy the time and space you have left.