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Rush job monitor 2017: Installers are big earners

Monday 26 March 2018

Urgent jobs versus regular jobs

Although mostly performed by the same professionals, the "Urgent Jobs" segment is indeed a market in itself. In particular, the process prior to the rush job, the finances and the emotion surrounding rush repairs differ greatly from regular jobs. Obviously, speed is of the essence when taking on an emergency job. Providers of emergency jobs will need to be equipped both in terms of organization and technology in order to respond quickly. This is where an urgent job site like Zoofy differs essentially from websites that facilitate an extensive quotation process. A quotation process can take several weeks and that time is lacking for a rush job. The affiliated professionals of urgent jobs websites are equipped to carry out urgent jobs in the meantime. Zoofy can quickly deliver craftsmen on site, because they know which craftsmen work or live in the vicinity of the emergency job. In a cluster of three professionals are offered the jobs. Whoever responds first gets the confirmation and goes to the customer.

Rush as a luxury good...
A difference should be made between 'blood urgency','urgency'and'mental urgency'.

Blood Urgency: a situation where a repair is necessary because otherwise a dangerous situation will arise. Examples are short circuits and leaks.

Urgency: in these cases, a repair within 24 to 48 hours is highly desirable, but there is no acute danger. There is however a demonstrable inconvenience. Examples of urgency are a central heating malfunction and sink blockage.

Mental urgency: mental urgency is a feeling where one experiences the situation as urgent. Objectively, without danger or serious discomfort, the situation may continue for at least a week to several weeks. An example of mental urgency is the leaky faucet. In its most extreme variant, mental urgency is a luxury good. The "today the lamp must hang" and the hanging of a door within 48 hours fall into the category of urgency as a luxury good.

The relationship between mental urgency and income is striking. The data analysis shows that mental urgency occurs particularly in neighborhoods where income is above average.

Top 5 Urgent jobs
Sink clogging
Short circuit
Central heating malfunction
WC clog
Leak detection and resolution is the absolute front runner. Leaks are also the emergency job that is at the top of the list throughout the year. Seasonal influences, however, do not affect the number of repairs. This is certainly the case with central heating breakdowns. In the months of October, November and December, it was all hands on deck for plumbers and CV mechanics. Nobody wants to sit in the cold or take cold showers for a long time, especially not in the winter months. Apart from the inconvenience, major consequential damage can occur when pipes freeze. Notable is the spike of clogged toilets and sink clogs in the summer months of July, August and September. This appears to be related to the higher than average rainfall during the summer of 2017. Finally, the impact of damage from storms is also huge on the number of emergency repairs.

Urgency and income

The data analysis shows that there is a relationship between emergency repairs and income. Emergency repairs are more expensive than a regular job. Most notable is the relationship between mental urgency and income. Mental urgency is particularly prevalent in neighborhoods where income is above average. In many cases these are jobs that can also be done by the handyman. In Amsterdam, mental urgency appears to be particularly prevalent in Oud-Zuid. On the other hand, mental urgency is virtually non-existent in Amsterdam-Noord. In Rotterdam the district Kralingen is the front runner when it comes to urgency as a luxury good. Not surprisingly, but nice to report is the location of the most expensive outlet placed: Bloemendaal.