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Make your bedroom smart

Monday 22 August 2022

Make your bedroom smart

There are many different devices you can add to your bedroom to automate this space. Smart bedrooms can include things like alarms, lights and smart beds. It is also common to have a smart speaker and smart blinds in this space. On average, the cost to fully automate a bedroom ranges from €1,000 to €3,500.

Type of smart device Average cost (unit only)

Bedroom lighting €10 - €100
Bed alarm €100 - €170
Bed € 900 - € 3,000

Smart bedroom lighting

Smart lights for your bedroom are on average € 10 to € 100 . There are many ways to use smart lamps in the bedroom. Can you easily swap your existing light bulbs for smart bulbs. You can also choose to use a smart light clock, which tells you the time and weather while lighting your bed. There are also smart bulbs that are ideal for use next to the bed. Many can be programmed to dim gently as the time to sleep approaches, giving you a better sleeping environment.

Smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clocks range from €100 to €170 . This is a good device to have if you have small children or are the caregiver of someone who needs supervision. The alarm goes off when the resident leaves the bed. For people with small children who can't go unattended or have an older relative with them, smart bed alarms can be invaluable. These alarms send silent alerts to your smartphone or smart speaker if you don't want a loud alarm that could wake other people. They can also be programmed to sound a loud alarm, which can help the resident choose to stay in bed.

Smart Bed Price.

Smart beds cost on average between € 900 and € 3,000 . Smart beds have numerous options to choose from. Some automatically adjust their firmness or temperature at night. Others have remote options so you can raise or lower the bed to your comfort level. Some even have an anti-snoring device. When it detects snoring, it automatically raises the headboard of the bed for better airflow. The most advanced smart beds are individually adjustable on both sides to keep two sleepers comfortable.

Smart curtains

Automatically have your curtains open and close based on times. Set preferred times automatically through the app.