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Radiatorknop vervangen

How to replace a radiator knob

Wednesday 07 September 2022

With a radiator knob, you can manually raise or lower your heating. It is therefore an important part of your radiator. Is it suddenly too hot or cold in a certain room and you can't adjust the temperature? Then your radiator knob needs to be replaced. Fortunately, you can easily solve the problem with the step-by-step plan below!

Step-by-step plan for replacing the thermostat knob

Replacing a thermostat knob is not very difficult, but if you don't know how to do that, the step-by-step plan below will certainly come in handy!

Step 1: Drain Radiator

First turn your radiator down, wait until it is no warmer than 40 degrees and then remove the plug from the socket. Did you do this? Then it is time to drain your heating system via the drain tap. You do this by connecting a filling hose to your heating system. Make sure it leads outside or to a drain. Then open the tap until no more water runs out of the hose. With radiators on several floors, it is important that you start on the top floor. Open the valves on all radiators.