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How to hang blinds

Wednesday 27 October 2021

If you have bought blinds, you can either hang them up yourself or have them hung by someone else. Because once you have done it yourself, hanging them up is not that difficult at all! How do you do it exactly? We will explain it to you here. See the step-by-step plan for hanging up blinds below.


Step-by-step plan for hanging up blinds

Step 1: Measuring is knowing

First of all, it is important to measure the window frame. Measure the inside of the window frame at three different heights. Why three different heights? Because the width of the window frame can differ in different places. Use the smallest measurement for the size of the wooden, plastic or aluminium blinds. Then it is important to also measure the height of the window frame to the window sill.

Step 2: Cutting the bottom and top rail to size

Next, you can saw the bottom and top rail of the venetian blind to size. Draw the correct width with a pencil. Do not only do this on one side, but make sure that you shorten both the left and right side of the beams by the same amount. That way, the pull-up mechanism remains in the middle. There is a protective cap in the beams, remove it before you start sawing. Then saw the beams to size and remove any iron burrs with sandpaper. Do not forget to replace the protective caps afterwards.

Step 3: Determining the height of the Venetian blind

In step 1, you measured the height of the window frame to the window sill. Now it is important to make the blind at that height. You can do this by laying the blind down flat or by hanging it on two wires. Then you can remove the caps at the bottom with which the pull-up cords are attached and remove the buttons from the cords. By pulling on the cords, you can hang the bottom beam at the right height. The remaining cords can then be cut off. Keep some extra length, so you can make knots of it. Finally, put the plugs back into the beam.

Step 4: Cutting the strips

With a pair of slat scissors you can cut off the slats. You can do this by setting the scissors at the right width and then cutting off the slats on both sides.

Step 5: Hanging up the blind

If all went well, you have been supplied with special fastening material with your Venetian blind. Screw this into the frame according to the instructions, click the blind into the supports and install the turning rod. If you wish to hang the blind outside the frame, you can use the holes on the back instead of the top.