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Different ways to hang curtains

Monday 19 September 2022

Curtains are an important part of your interior. Especially when they are closed, they cover a large area. Therefore, it is important to think not only about color and design, but also about how you want to hang your curtains. More is possible than you think. We list the options for you.

Five ways to hang your curtains

No matter how you hang your curtains, they always hang in a zigzag shape. This is also called pleats or waves. The more pleats there are in your curtains, the more luxurious the look. You have to choose the way of hanging before you buy your curtains. This is because the curtain must be finished differently for each way of hanging.

Gordijnrails ophangen

1. On a rod

A rod is a chic way to hang your curtains. A rod is a long rod or tube to which curtains are attached with rings. A rod is highly visible and therefore forms a whole with the curtain. Rods are available made of wood or different metals. To hang the rod, attach a holder to the ceiling or wall. Here you put the rod in. Often the ends of the rod are finished with a decorative knob. This can be just round, but also have all kinds of other shapes.
To attach the curtain to the rod, you can have metal rings hammered into the curtain. You then get rings in the top edge of the curtain. You can also attach the rings to the top of the curtain. The curtain then hangs below the rod. The third option is to hang rings on the rod and attach the curtain to the rings with hooks. Finally, you can also make loops or bows on the curtain, attaching the curtain to the rod.

2. On a double rod

If you want to use both a light curtain and a blackout curtain, you can choose a double rod. You attach a holder to the wall or ceiling where two rods can be placed one after the other. There is enough distance between the rods so that both curtains can be easily closed and opened. Usually you hang the net curtain or in-between curtain on the rod closest to the window and hang the thicker curtain on the other rod. When you attach the curtains to the rod, always do it in a wave, because that gives the most beautiful result.

3. Hang invisibly

If you do not want the attachment of the curtains in plain sight, you have two options. First, you can have a recess made in the ceiling near the window. Here you can attach the curtain rails to which you will hang the curtain. However, to make the recess disappear completely into the ceiling requires quite a bit of remodeling. If you do not feel like it, you can also hide the rails by attaching a shelf for the rails to the ceiling, which you paint in the same color as the ceiling so that it is hardly noticeable. There are also special rails that are finished in such a way that you no longer see any hooks or rails.
You attach the curtains to the rails by means of hooks. The hooks are sewn into the folds of the curtain. You have a choice of single or double pleats. You hook the hooks into the runners attached in the rails. If you eliminate the curtain rails, you can use an inexpensive white rail.

4. Curtains on rails on the ceiling

If you don't have a problem with curtain rails in plain sight, you can attach the rails to the ceiling. Standard curtain rails are white, but there are also variants available in aluminum, black or another color. You can choose the color that best suits the design of your room. For a modern, sleek look, choose a curtain with a single pleat. Then the curtain falls tighter. Curtain rails are also available curved. That's handy for a bay window.

5. Curtains on rails on the wall

If you don't want your curtains to reach the ceiling, you can choose to attach them to the wall. To do this, you need to purchase special wall brackets, into which you attach the curtain rails. For this, you can use a standard rail, but you can also choose by a design curtain rail that should be seen. The hooks in the curtain can be adjusted, so you can choose whether the curtain hangs in front of the curtain rail or below it.