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Doorbell with camera

Thursday 29 August 2019

Want to know who's at the door without opening it? With a camera doorbell, you can outrun every persistent door-to-door salesman and never miss a postal package again. This technological tour de force is winning the market hands down. And with good reason, because apart from being very handy to know who is at your door, it also provides a sense of security. Of course, you can already see who is at the door by using a simple door spy, but the wireless doorbell with camera has many additional ingenious features. In this blog we will show you what they can do, what to look out for when buying one and what the best WiFi doorbell with camera is on the market.

Wireless doorbell with camera increasingly popular

The doorbell with camera is becoming increasingly popular. The range of smart doorbells is therefore increasing and they have many different features. Therefore, be sure to read up before you decide to purchase a wireless doorbell with camera. We will be happy to help you on your way.

Of course, they all have one function in common; they let you see who is at the door. The more elaborate doorbells with cameras have functions that also allow you to take photos or videos. To do this, you need a Doorbell with Camera Wifi. This way, you can remotely see who is at your door, via the internet or app, and you can even talk to them. This is possible because of the built-in motion sensor in the doorbell with camera.

Doorbell with camera wireless

Some doorbells with camera are wireless and others are connected to the mains. That can be a bit of a job. You'll have to drill and route the wires yourself, or let a smart home installer do it for you. Then it's a snap. Many of the doorbell models with camera wifi, however, are also equipped with (rechargeable) batteries. The advantage of this is that you're not tied to the fixed location of your current doorbell. The disadvantage is that these batteries will eventually run out. It can be smart to buy a second battery with your wifi doorbell with camera, so you won't be without a bell in any case.

Doorbell with camera and intercom

There are three different versions of doorbells with cameras: There is a standard version with an intercom function, a doorbell with a camera, intercom and a door opener, and finally there is a doorbell with a camera and intercom without a door opener.

Smart doorbell with camera for security

Convenience serves the human being. Besides contributing to the comfort of your smart home, such a wireless doorbell with camera can also contribute to the safety of your home. Security is important, because according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), there are about 144 burglaries per day in the Netherlands alone. That comes down to a burglary every ten minutes! Would you like more information on how to make your home burglar-proof? Read the blog 11 burglary tips - How crooks think. By the way, not only a smart doorbell with camera is an addition to home security, but also other smart devices like smart locks or the Nest Cam Outdoor. You can read more about these devices here. Please note that the installation of these devices may put the average do-it-yourselfer out of action. A smart home installer or locksmith will have these jobs for you in no time.