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Different types of cabinets

Monday 23 May 2022

The past few weeks you have spent all your weekends visiting furniture stores for that one beautiful storage closet. Choosing a closet is not something you do all that often and you don't want to do it overnight. A closet should fit nicely into your interior.

Different types of cupboards

There are many types of cabinets in different sizes, colors and materials so there is always a cabinet that fits your style of living. In this blog we will tell you more about the different types of cabinets and the space they are best suited in. 

Shoe cabinets

This cabinet is ideal for the hall or corridor, so that not everyone walks through the house on their shoes. This also allows all the shoes to be stored nicely right away and not be an eyesore. Shoe cabinets also come in different types of sizes, so if you have a larger family with a lot of shoes then you can get rid of them as well. As an alternative to the shoe cabinet, you can also choose an open shoe rack. These are often a bit cheaper than a shoe cabinet, because less material is used.


Closets are often larger, because most people like to have a lot of space for their wardrobe. Closets often come in many different shapes and sizes. This allows you to match exactly the color and dimensions to the space in your bedroom. The closets are often already from 60cm wide to longer than 200cm. These dimensions are ideal for the smaller or larger bedrooms.

Shelving units

Shelving cabinets are best suited to the garage. If you want a practical open cabinet for storing tools then this is the best choice. The open shelving unit allows you to see exactly where the tools are and you don't have to search for them! In addition, the shelving unit can also be used well as a food storage cabinet. 

Storage cabinets

A storage cabinet is indispensable for the living room or storage room. A storage cabinet lends itself best to storing plates, tablecloths, but also to storing games. The best way to do this is to choose a cabinet with closed doors. This ensures that you are not disturbed all day by the things that are in the closet.

Buffet cabinets

Do you have beautiful tableware and would like to put it on display? Then you can choose a buffet cabinet in the living room / kitchen. Buffet cabinets have single cabinet doors but also have an open space that lends itself nicely to the display of glasses or crockery. Also, sideboards come in different types of living styles. Will you go for an industrial sideboard or rather for a country style living?  

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