Centraal Beheer Klushulp Zoofy zo gefikst.

Centraal Beheer Klushulp vs. Zoofy

Monday 29 March 2021

To make the search easier for you, we have listed the main differences between Centraal Beheer helpdesk and Zoofy. Although the platforms have similarities, because the helpdesk of Centraal Beheer originated from an earlier cooperation with Zoofy. Zoofy distinguishes itself in the following areas:

- The name of the services: Zoofy's help vs. Central Beheer's help

- Direct communication

- No intervention of other parties

- User-friendly website and well-functioning app

- Larger database of handymen

- Quality guarantee

- Large collaborations with companies such as: Hornbach, Praxis, Intergamma & Bol.com

The handyman service from Zoofy vs. the service from Centraal Beheer

Zoofy offers besides professional craftsmen also a handyman. A handyman at Zoofy is a do-it-yourselfer. A handyman. This can be a student, retired (leisure) handyman or professional in training. A handyman is engaged in do-it-yourself jobs for which the consumer does not have the right skills, time or tools. Think of jobs for which no certificates, no or few tools, or other specific training is needed. Examples of handyman jobs are: assembling an (IKEA) cabinet, hanging a lamp, hoeing in the garden. A handyman does not need to have a Chamber of Commerce number and does this to earn extra money. This is a difference between Centraal Beheer and Zoofy, because they call all helpers "handymen".  

Direct communication

Behind the scenes at Zoofy we work very hard to ensure that your request is dealt with as soon as possible. Because of our high-speed communication system, you never have to wait long for a handyman to respond to your request. 

At Centraal Beheer you might be used to waiting longer for a response, at Zoofy in urban areas you will often find the right professional for the job within two to four minutes. How is that possible? All craftsmen at Zoofy use a well functioning Zoofy app on their phone. This way, your request is immediately channeled through the app and can be responded to immediately. Another advantage: at Zoofy, requested jobs are placed in specific trade groups. This means that your job does not just end up in a general pool, but directly with the people you are looking for. This way you know for sure that the right person will respond to your job! Zoofy always responds quickly. Do you need help right away? Then simply place an urgent request. We will arrange for a reliable professional on the same day.

No interference

At Zoofy everything is about convenience. For you, but also for our professionals. Do you often find handyman websites a maze? Zoofy strives for a transparent and clear environment where all your questions can be answered quickly. Even for urgent jobs, a good professional can be at your door quickly through Zoofy, because there is no intervention of parties. The experiences with Centraal Beheer's Klushulp are different, because the jobs are outsourced to a third party. This is not the case with Zoofy. Zoofy facilitates the tradesmen with the Zoofy app, which allows customers and tradesmen to communicate directly with each other. Very handy for rescheduling your appointment or other communication. 

Klushulp Centraal Beheer experiences

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional through Zoofy is that you can count on real professionals. Isn't that the case with other handyman platforms? Yes, but at Zoofy we take an extra step. Besides the general requirements, such as official registration as a ZZP'er, new employees are carefully screened by us. This way we know for sure that we only hire people who do a good job. Once professionals are in our system, we keep a close eye on their performance. This is the reason why you are asked to give an assessment of the professional. In this way, we separate the wheat from the chaff. This allows us to better match professionals with consumers in the future.

Unique to Zoofy. Every professional is personally onboard and can only take on jobs after successfully completing one.  Do the professionals score insufficiently? Then we do not continue the cooperation. On other handyman platforms, experiences are important when selecting a helper. This is not the case with Zoofy. Why? A score between 4 and 5 stars is our standard. This way a helper who just started can respond just as good to a job as a more experienced helper. Every registered ZZP´er is welcome to join us. Zoofy is the logical choice for the ZZP'ers as well.