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COnstruction Blueprint

Create a Construction Drawing: Your Blueprint for a Successful Construction Project with

Whether you are renovating, expanding your home, or even building a completely new home, a detailed construction drawing is essential for a successful construction project. At we understand the importance of an accurate and professional construction drawing. Our construction drawing service offers not only quality and safety, but also the convenience of booking a reliable professional. Discover the possibilities, benefits and importance of a thorough construction drawing via

Creating Different Types of Construction Drawings: The Right Blueprint for Every Project

1. Architectural Construction Drawing: The Basics of Every Construction Project

An architectural drawing forms the basis of every construction project. It provides a detailed overview not only of the building's layout and dimensions, but also of the materials and construction methods used. An architectural drawing is essential for obtaining building permits and coordinating the various construction phases.

2. Construction Drawing: For Strong Foundations

A construction drawing focuses on the structure and foundation of the building. It shows in detail the placement of load-bearing walls, columns, beams and other structural elements. A good construction drawing is crucial for the stability and safety of the structure.

3. Installation drawing: For Efficient Use of Space

The installation drawing focuses on the installation of electrical, plumbing and heating installations. It ensures efficient use of space and helps prevent conflicts between different installations. A well-thought-out installation drawing is of great importance for the comfort and functionality of the room.

Benefits of Making a Construction Drawing: More than Just Paperwork

Having a construction drawing made offers several advantages that influence the entire construction process:

  • Better Project Management : A detailed construction drawing serves as a guideline for project management. It helps set realistic goals and monitor progress.

  • More efficient construction phase : With a clear construction drawing, construction professionals can work more efficiently. This results in fewer errors and faster project execution.

  • Cost savings in the long term : By making a thorough construction drawing in advance, unforeseen costs and delays during the construction phase can be avoided. This leads to long-term cost savings.

Costs of Making a Construction Drawing: Invest in the Future of your Construction Project

Of course you want to know what the costs are of having a construction drawing made. Below you will find an overview of the minimum, average and maximum costs per type of work:

Type of Activities Minimal Cost Average costs Maximum Cost
Architectural Construction Drawing €800 €1,500 €3,000
Construction drawing €1,000 €2,000 €4,000
Installation drawing €700 €1,200 €2,500

Sustainability and Construction Drawing: Conscious Building for the Future

Sustainability has become an integral part of modern construction projects. A construction drawing can help integrate sustainable elements, such as energy-efficient installations and environmentally friendly building materials. By including sustainability in the construction drawing from the start, you contribute to a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building.

Safe, Reliable and Easy via

At, safety and quality are central. When you book a professional through us to prepare a construction drawing, you can rest assured that the job will be carried out to the highest standards. Some advantages of are:

  • Safety first : Our professionals have been carefully selected and are regularly screened. This way we guarantee that only reliable professionals carry out your project.

  • Preventing fraud : At you are protected against fraud. We apply strict guidelines and check the identity and references of each professional.

  • Ensuring quality : We strive for the highest quality in every job. Our professionals are experienced and skilled, and we offer a guarantee on the work performed.

  • Your ideal date : At you determine the ideal date for carrying out the job. No hassle with schedules that don't fit, but maximum flexibility for you.

Don't wait any longer and ensure that your construction project rests on solid foundations. Book the 'Make a construction drawing' service now via and give your project the right direction!

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