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Landscape architect: Bring Your Green Oasis to Life with

A beautiful garden is like an extension of your home, a place where you can relax, enjoy nature and experience the seasons. Whether you have a small city garden or an extensive backyard, a landscape architect can help make your green dreams come true. At we understand the importance of a well-thought-out garden design and we offer a convenient service for booking experienced landscape architects. Discover the various activities of landscape architects, the benefits of a professional garden design and why is the ideal partner for your garden project.

Different Types of Landscape Architect Activities: From Design to Realization

Custom Garden Design: A Unique Design for Your Garden

A landscape architect starts by creating a tailor-made design that suits your wishes, lifestyle and the specific characteristics of the garden. This takes into account elements such as plants, paving, and any garden structures such as terraces, pergolas or ponds. The result is a unique garden design that transforms your outdoor space.

Planting plan: Color and Structure in Your Garden

A planting plan is essential for an attractive garden. The landscape architect selects plants based on color, texture, height and flowering periods to create a harmonious whole. The planting plan ensures a balanced and fascinating garden during all seasons.

Garden advice and coaching: Getting Started with Expert Guidance

For those who like to roll up their sleeves themselves, a landscape architect also offers advice and coaching. Whether it concerns redesigning existing borders, choosing the right plants, or solving specific garden issues, with professional advice you can get started yourself with an expert guide.

Benefits of Landscape Architect: Your Garden, Your Style

Hiring a landscape architect offers various advantages that will take your garden project to a higher level:

  • Professional Design : A landscape architect has the knowledge and experience to create a professional design that is both aesthetic and functional.

  • Optimal Use of Space : The expertise of a landscape architect allows you to make optimal use of the available space, even in smaller gardens.

  • Suitable for Your Lifestyle : The design is tailored to your lifestyle, so that the garden seamlessly complements your daily activities.

  • Future-proof Design : A landscape architect takes the growth of plants into account and ensures a design that remains beautiful in the long term.

Costs of Landscape Architect: Invest in Your Outdoor Paradise

Of course you want to know what the costs are of hiring a landscape architect. Below you will find an overview of the minimum, average and maximum costs per type of work:

Type Landscape architect Activities Minimal Cost Average costs Maximum Cost
Custom garden design €800 €1,500 €3,000
Planting plan €500 €800 €1,500
Garden advice and coaching €300 €500 €800

Sustainability and Landscape Architect: Green and Environmentally Conscious Enjoyment

A landscape architect can also provide advice on sustainable garden solutions, such as rainwater collection, ecologically responsible planting and environmentally friendly materials. In this way, your garden contributes to a sustainable living environment.

Safe, Reliable and Easy via

At, safety and quality are central. When you book a landscape architect through us, you can count on:

  • Safety guaranteed : Our landscape architects have been carefully selected and screened. Only reliable professionals are assigned to your project.

  • Fraud prevention : applies strict guidelines and checks the identity and references of each professional to prevent fraud.

  • Quality assured : We strive for the highest quality in every job. Our landscape architects are experienced and skilled, and we offer a guarantee on the work performed.

  • Flexibility in Planning : At you determine the ideal date for carrying out the job. No hassle with schedules that don't fit, but maximum flexibility for you.

Don't wait any longer and give your garden the attention it deserves. Book the 'Landscape Architect' service now via and create your personal outdoor paradise!

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