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Top 10 jobs in the first half of 2023

Tuesday 07 June 2022

At Zoofy we love jobs. That is why you will find the best craftsmen for every possible job. But some jobs require more from others. Do you want to see what other people are looking for? Or are you looking for inspiration for new jobs to do in your home? After all, every finished job brings you closer to your dream home.
Then take a look at our top ten jobs in 2023. These are the jobs that are most sought after.

Top ten jobs in 2023

1. Handyman by the hour

The most sought-after job with us is handyman by the hour. Everyone has those small jobs in the house that you do not get around to. Or that you don't want to do. Or that you don't have the right tools for. Or for any other reason you can think of. Hanging up a shelf, making skirting boards for your laminate floor or hanging up that one door properly. If you collect these jobs and hire a handyman for a few hours, he can do all these jobs for you quickly and well. Then you don't have to worry about it anymore.

2. Handyman Ikea assembly service

Ikea furniture is beautiful and quirky, but you have to assemble it yourself. Does it make your head spin when you open the box and pick up the instructions? Do all those screws make you nervous? Then there is the Ikea assembly service help. They will help you assemble an Ikea cabinet, bed or bathroom unit. This way you can quickly enjoy your new purchase and you know for sure that your cabinet will not collapse when you put a vase on it.

3. Electrician by the hour

A job with electricity is often difficult to do yourself. A lot can go wrong if you don't do it right. From fuses blowing to fires in your home. That is why it is best to hire a good electrician when you need an extra wall socket, a hotel switch or an extra group for your kitchen appliances. Then you can be sure that it is done properly and safely.

4. Plumber by the hour

Do you have a leak in your house or do you want to replace a tap? Or do you want to install new water pipes and drains because you want to move your bathroom or rearrange your washing machine? Then it's time to hire a plumber. Even if you need a quick solution, for example in case of a leak, you will find the best professional here.

5. Hanging a lamp

Sometimes it's nice to be able to outsource a job to a professional. Hanging up a lamp is one of those jobs. You often have to work at heights, you have to drill one or more holes and you work with electricity. A handyman will be happy to take the job off your hands. He has the right tools and makes sure that everything is done properly and safely.

6. Installing a fence

Installing a fence is hard work and quite tricky. It has to be nicely level and the fence parts are quite heavy. In addition, the posts have to go deep enough into the ground so that the whole thing will stand firm in the wind. This is a job for a carpenter or gardener. Explain well how big the fence has to be and what you want exactly and you will immediately find the right professional for your fence.

7. Boiler malfunction

A failure in your central heating boiler is extremely annoying. You do not have hot water anymore and the heating falls out. This has to be solved quickly. With us, you will find an experienced heating engineer who can quickly come and fix the malfunction. Often, the malfunction can be solved within an hour by replacing a component or resetting something. So you will soon be warm and cosy again.

8. Installing a tap

An extra tap is always handy, but installing a new tap yourself is quite difficult. Besides, you don't want any leakage because you didn't install your tap properly. A good plumber will have this job done in no time. Even if you want to replace your taps, the plumber will be happy to help. By outsourcing the job to a professional, you are also assured of a leak-free tap that will give you years of pleasure.

9. Assembling furniture

It's not just Ikea furniture you have to assemble yourself. There are many other shops and brands that deliver their furniture unassembled. If you don't feel up to assembling your furniture yourself, hire a handyman. This will save a lot of time and especially frustration. What's more, the right craftsman can even make the furniture to measure for you.

10. Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is a real job for the professional. If it is not done properly, it will bother you enormously. Sections of wallpaper that do not hang straight or overlap, patterns that do not continue and air bubbles under the wallpaper. A lot can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. This will not happen with a professional wallpaperer. So give yourself a beautiful wall and hire a professional.