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Corona - Rules for our tradesmen

Monday 16 March 2020

Tradesman jobs in times of Corona

These are crazy times. Although for a few weeks it was a completely unthinkable scenario, and for the majority of people it seemed to be a distant memory, now all of a sudden it is serious. Since yesterday, Corona has had an unmistakably drastic effect on our society.

Despite the far-reaching measures that the RIVM and the government are currently taking to combat the Corona virus, various news articles reach us saying that Corona does not keep handymen at home. As if handymen think that Corona is skipping the DIY stores, they are shopping in droves. Whether it is contagiously clever to rush to the shops in large numbers is doubtful. But that aside.

Of course, this is no time for panic football. At Zoofy too, work goes on. We're doing our very best with all our colleagues, but the coming period might not be quite as you'd expect. Please understand that. 

The health of our craftsmen and you is the most important thing

The Zoofy office works - as far as possible - at home. But for our craftsmen (all self-employed) this is not the case. The corona measures that have been in place since March affect everyone. Bitterly enough, it mainly affects the sectors where labour is pre-eminently uncertain. So it is with our craftsmen. That is precisely why it is important to do jobs in these times. But of course with as little risk as possible. At Zoofy, we work safely or we don't work at all. That's why we ask you, as a customer, to cooperate. This is so that we can keep the work for our craftsmen as safe as possible.