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Air heating at home

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Air heating at home, that's how it works

Are you going to build a house yourself or renovate an existing house and do you want to know more about air heating in the house and the application options? Are you curious about what air heating in your home will cost and what you should take into account? In this blog we inform you extensively about air heating in the house and give you tips on how you can save on air heating costs and which professional you can best engage for this.

Why air heating in the house

Perhaps you are not yet familiar with air heating. Air heating combines both heating and ventilation in one system. If desired, air conditioning can also be added to this system. Heated, filtered air is distributed throughout the house by means of a duct system of pipes and grilles. These air ducts can be concealed in the basement, screed or in the ground. The air ducts are immediately well insulated during construction to prevent heat loss.