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9 Tips and tricks to prevent from leakages

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Are you feeling the pinch? Almost everyone has suffered from a leak at some point. And that is (usually) completely unnecessary: almost all leaks in the home are caused by overdue maintenance. It's all on you 😉 . In most cases, that is. You want to prevent leaks, because when you detect a leak, it's often already too late. In 9 out of 10 cases, you only notice the leak when it has already caused serious damage, resulting in high costs. For example, you will see moisture and mould spots on your floor, walls or ceiling. Sometimes, the cause of the leak is not always clear when you find such spots in your home. It is wise to call in a plumber for the detection of leaks. But, under the guise of; preventing a leak is better than having to repair one: Save yourself a lot of money. You can do better with that. Zoofy gives you 9 tips to prevent leakages in your home. Done in no time.

Where do leakages happen most often?

Roof leaks
Bathroom leaks
Boiler leakage
Washing machine leakage
Outdoor tap leakage
Sink leakage

1. What to do in case of roof leakage

One of the most common leaks is a roof. It will probably come as no surprise to you, but mainly flat roofs are often the victim of roof leaks. Unlike a normal roof, the water does not flow directly off the roof. Due to fluctuating temperatures, the roofing material shrinks and then, in turn, expands. The longer your current roofing is in place, the more likely it is to develop "kinks" due to the expansion and contraction. These cracks, in turn, cause possible roof leaks. Do you want to repair a flat roof leak? Then always call in the help of a roofer. But not only flat roofs are susceptible to leaks; if, for example, a storm has blown a tile off your roof or your roof is poorly maintained, you are more likely to have a leak. A roof leak can have major consequences. So take the following measures to prevent a roof leak:

Preventing a roof leak, how to do it

2. Roof inspection:

Maintenance is important to prevent your roof from leaking. So go and send the Zoofy roofer to your roof. Have your roof inspected several times a year. A roofer can check if the tiles are still in place, if your tiles are still straight and, in case of a flat roof, check if your roofing material is still tight and if there are any kinks.