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Costs of window coverings

Friday 09 December 2022

How much does it cost to hang window coverings?

Unless you want a see-through home without any privacy and sun protection, you will be faced with the question of which window decoration for indoors is the right choice. In this blog we describe various types of window covering for you, so that you can make an informed choice. Whether it concerns window coverings in the living room or window coverings in the bathroom, there are plenty of options. Window decoration is ultimately always a matter of personal taste and the available budget, but some options are more suitable than others. View the costs for window coverings below.

Type Window Covering

View the properties of the different types of window coverings below.


The oldest form of window coverings is, of course, curtains. They are pieces of fabric that are attached to a horizontal curtain rod. This can be done with rings or with special curtain hooks. Due to the wide variety of patterns, colours, thicknesses, transparency and sizes, curtains are still a good choice for the living room and bedroom. Curtains are not only atmospheric, but also insulating and have an absorbing effect, which benefits the acoustics. Curtains are usually not used as window coverings in the bathroom, but they can be used as window coverings for sliding doors.

roller blinds

The name already gives it away, a roller blind is a curtain that you do not slide open, but that you can roll up. A roller blind, unlike curtains, does not take up much space. You operate a roller blind with a cord or chain, with which you can raise or lower them. A roller blind consists of a tube with catches. Cloth/fabric is clamped in the tube. The catches prevent the roller blind from rolling up unintentionally. By gently pulling on the cord or chain, these catches can spring loose again and the curtain rolls up. You can choose from transparent, translucent or blackout roller blinds. Roller blinds provide less atmosphere than curtains and can serve as window coverings in the bedroom, kitchen, guest room or window coverings in the living room. Given the width in which roller blinds are usually available, they are less suitable as window coverings for sliding doors.

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