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A good cap ensures that no water gets into the chimney. Describe your job and make an appointment with a chimney sweeper from your area.

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Placing a chimney cap by a professional

The installation of a chimney cap is often done by a professional. There are several reasons for this. A private person can of course also place a chimney cap himself, but it has to be done professionally. When it is not certain that the chimney cap can be placed well by himself, then it is advisable to call in a professional for this. Moreover, it can blow hard or rain hard, so conditions on the roof are not always comfortable. In addition, your safety plays an important role. In short, the professionals from Zoofy can save you a lot of trouble and take this dangerous work off your hands.  

If you want to do it yourself, follow the steps described below.

What do I need?

Chimney cap
Ladder and extension cord
Safety glasses
Tape measure
Spirit level
Mounting brackets
Drill and brickwork

What do I need to do? Step-by-step plan:

Lay the hood on its side.
Turn the adapter so that the holes of the adapter and the cap are in one line.
Thread the hook anchors through the holes in the adapter and through the holes in the cap.
Place the washers over the thread of the hook anchors and tighten the nuts with a few turns. The cap is ready.
Put the hood on the flue with the hooks in the flue.
Make sure that the hooks of the hook anchors hang downwards.
Tighten the nuts evenly so that the cap is exactly in the middle.
Tighten the nuts well so that the cap is fixed.
Caution! Do not go on the roof in heavy and unpredictable weather.

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