Wintercheck voor de woning

Winter check for the home

Monday 21 November 2022

The winter season is slowly dawning. This also means you need to do some chores to keep the home comfortably warm. We are happy to explain further below how best to tackle a winter check for the home. Would you rather use a specialist for this kind of job? Then you can easily book a professional at Zoofy.

Sweep the chimney

Do you have a wood-burning stove, for example? If so, it provides a lot of atmosphere and warmth during the winter season. However, it is wise to have your chimney swept before the winter. You can have this done by a professional chimney sweep. This is important because some residue of the burnt wood may have been left behind and attached to the inside of the chimney. If this kind of residue gets too hot, there is a chance of a fire starting inside the chimney. It is also wise to check that the flue is not blocked.

Should the smoke released when burning wood, for example, not be able to escape through the flue, smoke can develop inside the house. Therefore, an important part of the winter home check.

Don't forget the boiler

Check the central heating boiler. In doing so, it is important to check the water pressure and top it up if necessary. In addition, it might be necessary to vent. It may also be important to have the boiler serviced. Want to check whether everything is still working properly? Turn up the thermostat a little and feel all the radiators in your house to see if they are warming up enough. Also, feel whether the heating still has enough capacity to heat the rooms in the house properly. Think this is a difficult job to do yourself? No problem, at Zoofy you can book professionals who will be happy to do this job for you.

Thermostat replacement

Maybe not the first thing you think of, but this is also part of the winter check for the house. Of course, you should also check whether the thermostat is still working properly. These last about ten years, but you may want to replace it with a smart thermostat. This will benefit you greatly and also fits in with living more sustainably. A smart thermostat has the advantage that you can program the time and temperature yourself.

Even remotely when you are on the move. In fact, you can set the thermostat lower or higher via an app. Do you hate stepping into a cold house in winter? Then on your way home, you can use the app to set the thermostat a little higher.

Applying draught excluder

At the outside door, do you feel cold air coming in through a crack at the bottom of the door? At a winter check for the home, it is also important to do something about this. Of course, you want to prevent the heat from inside, going out through the cracks. You can apply a draught strip at the bottom of the door. That way, no more heat is lost. You can also apply draught strips to the windows, if you feel a draught or cold air coming in through a crack there. Just remember to keep everything ventilated. Take some time to check everything. Which windows or outer doors require a draught excluder? A draught strip is very easy to fit. But of course you can also outsource this work to a professional.

See what else you can do

A winter check and do everything you can to keep the heat in the house. It's a good idea to see what else you can do. Think about insulation or installing radiator foil, for example. There are even more ways to be able to keep the heat in the house. Do you have no idea yourself what else you can do, or would you like to know more about winter home checks? Would you like help from a professional? At Zoofy, you can book professionals very quickly and easily. They have plenty of experience and expertise to carry out these kinds of jobs for you.