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Why you should insulate your home

Monday 20 December 2021

A quarter of Dutch people want to become more sustainable next year. This is apparent from a large-scale survey by research agency Multiscope among more than 4,000 compatriots. No less than 12 percent of the respondents indicated that they want to insulate their home in the next 12 months, which amounts to expected spending of 2 billion euros. Why is insulation suddenly so popular? 

7 reasons to insulate your home

1. Save money

One of the most obvious reasons for having a home insulated is the savings it provides the home owner. By insulating the ground, crawl space, floor, cavity wall, facade or roof, for example, a home becomes more energy-efficient. As a result, less heating is required and you save on energy costs. In short, insulation ensures lower monthly costs and pays for itself in the long run. Households can sometimes save up to 30% with insulation.

2. Environment

Insulation is not only beneficial for the wallet, it also benefits the environment. Because those who burn less heat, use less gas and electricity, which means a lot less pollution. Insulating your home to save energy is therefore a handy way to reduce your own CO2 footprint. And the more people are going to become more sustainable, the better it is for the world around us. In addition, many insulation materials today are environmentally friendly and sustainable.