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Best time to prune the boxwood

Monday 19 July 2021

Many people have a boxwood plant in their front or back garden. It is a much-loved plant, not only because it is beautifully green, but also because it remains beautiful throughout the year. Even in the winter, boxwood still looks nice and green, especially when you take good care of it. Buxus does not need much care. The only thing you need to do is prune it. What is the best time to prune boxwood and what should you pay attention to? We answer the question 'when to prune boxwood' and give you a number of tips and a working method.

When to prune boxwood?

A buxus should be pruned at least twice a year, both in spring and in autumn. It is best to do this at the beginning of May and the end of September. But apart from these two moments to prune the boxwood, it is recommended to do it more often. The more often you prune the boxwood, the fuller it will become. In addition, you should also pay attention to the weather when you prune your boxwood. What are the best weather conditions for pruning boxwood? When it is cloudy. It is better not to do it on a beautiful sunny warm summer day. Although it is nice to do this garden chore in nice weather, it is not good for the buxus itself. The leaves of the boxwood can burn, causing it to look dry and ugly. Would you still like to prune your buxus when the weather is nice? Then wet it beforehand with the garden hose. It is also not wise to prune the box when night frost is expected. There is then a chance that the newly pruned leaves will freeze.

Buxus pruning time method and tips

Trimming a box tree is not very difficult, but it does require some skill. In addition, you need good tools and you must know how to do it. We give you a number of handy tips so you can get started in pruning boxwood. For trimming the boxwood, you need a hedge trimmer. You can choose a special hedge trimmer or a regular hedge trimmer. Electric hedge trimmers are often used as they allow you to easily reach difficult spots and require less strength. If you want to trim a shape in the box, it is also important to use the right hedge trimmer. For a buxus hedge, it's best to use straight hedge trimmers and for a sphere, it's better to use round hedge trimmers.