spouwmuur isoleren dakisolatie

Why is necessary to have good insulation?

Monday 14 December 2020

Properly insulating your home or business premises is one of the smartest renovations you can do. Whether it concerns your home, an office building, your company premises or a shop, the advantages of insulation are greater than many people think. But what can you insulate in your home or business premises? And what types of insulation are there? What are the specific advantages of insulating (or having insulated)? And if you are looking for a reliable insulation company, where can you find a suitable contractor for your insulation project(s)? In this article we answer these questions for you. Take advantage and choose for a thorough insulation of one or more parts of your house or business premises!

An interesting saving on energy costs

One of the biggest advantages of insulating your home is the energy savings that you will realise in the long term. Immediately after the insulation, you will see on your energy bill how much you are saving. The savings can mount up considerably. For example, after installing good cavity wall insulation you can quickly turn down the central heating by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius. In the house about 20 per cent of the heat disappears through the walls, so insulating your walls is a good initiative. This will quickly save you several hundred euros annually and you will earn your investment back after just a few years. Roof or attic insulation, although a hefty investment, also yields significant energy gains. About a third of the heat in a house leaves the house via the roof. Finally, you can also insulate the floor. Of all the heat that escapes from your home, about 10 per cent disappears through the floor.

A more comfortable living environment

After properly insulating your home, you will immediately notice that it becomes a lot more pleasant. After good-quality insulation, you are immediately rid of unpleasant draughts in the house or cold floors. The benefits of good insulation are not only noticeable in winter, as it is warmer in the house, but also in summer. A house that has been properly insulated becomes hot and stuffy less quickly than one that has not been or has been less well insulated. So even in the summer months, you benefit from a well-insulated home.

Insulation is good for the environment and climate

Thirdly, one of the advantages of insulation is the environmental aspect. Homes that are optimally insulated emit considerably less CO2 and therefore pollute less. Given the fact that the Netherlands, following the example of the European Union, is striving to achieve climate-neutral energy consumption by 2050, insulating your home (or your business premises or office) is your personal contribution to this.