Top 5 summer jobs in 2021

Monday 28 June 2021

Great, it's summer again! Besides pleasant temperatures and enjoying the outdoors, the summer offers more. Think of more freedom and time to do chores. Many people have days off during the summer months and you can use them to do chores around and in the house. If you want to gain even more time for yourself, you can also outsource the job to a professional. He will take care of all the work and you don't have to worry about the materials. In other words: more time to relax in your garden! What are summer chores? In this blog a top 5 of chores so you can have a great summer!

1. Painting window frames

Painting window frames is a precise job. Because of the warm weather, painting is something that many people like to do. You do not have to worry about the paint getting wet and you can be sure that you will have a short drying time. So the paint dries well. The disadvantage is that you have to be able to paint fairly quickly and accurately. Otherwise the paint will already dry on your brush. Before you can paint, there is a whole preparation. Sanding, masking, degreasing... Do you want the best result? The painter is the professional who can help you with this job! Especially if you have several window frames, it is advisable to outsource this. The price of the paintwork depends mainly on the condition of the window frames. At Zoofy you get a clear price. Because of the large supply of professionals, there is always a suitable painter in your neighbourhood.

2. Freeing the garden of weeds

You just want to relax on your garden furniture, but you notice all the weeds in the garden. An annoying job, because it takes a lot of time and it always seems to come back. A solution at Zoofy is the handyman. The handyman takes care of this annoying job for you. And even at an attractive rate! Students from the neighbourhood arrive by bike. They will help you get rid of all the weeds in your garden at an attractive hourly rate of only €29. Do you want some plants in or out? You can also ask the handyman! Enjoy your weed-free garden in a nature-friendly way.

3. Paving a new terrace

It's easier to light your barbecue on a paved backyard. Has your garden been an eyesore for a long time? And do you want to pave your garden? Good idea! If you have your patio paved in early summer, you can enjoy it even longer. Make it a great summer with a new patio! Laying a new patio is a job in itself. The paver knows exactly how to create an attractive patio with the stones of your choice. Besides being low-maintenance, it also extends your terrace and garden. So you can enjoy the summer weather with more people. Time to give those chairs a lather, clean the table and invite all your family and friends! It is also nice to immediately decorate your new terrace with pots of nice plants. It will instantly change the atmosphere in your garden!

4. Remove a wasp's nest

The great summer months also bring insects with them. One of these is the wasp. If you discover a wasp nest in your shed, attic or outside, you are often shocked. It is better to leave the removal of a wasp nest to the experts. In this way, you can avoid unsafe situations and you can be sure that you are not stung by wasps. A pest controller knows exactly how to remove this wasp nest for you. The professional can also remove wasp nests in places that are difficult to reach. You will then be much calmer in your garden! Removing a wasp nest also helps to reduce the nuisance for neighbours. Prevent dangerous situations and contact our professionals.

5. Garden maintenance

Having a fence installed is something many people do in the summer months. Partly because of the nice weather, it is easier to install a fence. Also because you spend more time outside in the summer, privacy is also something that is higher on the wish list. You can choose from several fences. Whether you choose a natural fence, made of willow twigs or rather a wooden fence. It is all possible! There is a wide variety of materials from which a fence is made. So there is a beautiful fence for every budget. It is very important that the foundation of the fence is good. Nothing too bad if after a few months you notice that the fence is leaning or comes loose during a heavy storm. A carpenter knows exactly how to place a stable, solid foundation. He can also give you expert advice on the type of fence you want, taking your wishes into account.