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Top 5 most requested plumber services

Monday 23 May 2022

We Dutch love lists. From now on you can add another list to that, namely the top five most requested plumbing jobs in the first half of 2022 at Zoofy.

Most requested plumbing jobs

1. The hourly plumber

One of those jobs that you usually can't do yourself are the things that have to do with water. We're not just talking about fixing leaks, but also adjusting the water pipes, installing sewers or preparing a washing machine connection, etc. Water is a tricky thing, and of course you don't want it to show up somewhere after the work is done. Fortunately, the Zoofy platform only has professionals that you can fully rely on. Booking a plumber by the hour is extremely easy through Zoofy.

2. Installing a tap

A job that is often requested from Zoofy is the installation of a faucet. This can be the replacement of an existing faucet or the installation of a new faucet or a Quooker in the kitchen. Installing a new faucet is a precise job. Not only must the faucet fit seamlessly onto the countertop or sink, the cold and hot water pipes must be installed correctly. Often, relocation or new installation of the supply lines is necessary. Once the plumber, booked through Zoofy of course, has replaced the faucet, the faucet functions properly, the faucet is securely fastened and the piping is neatly tucked away.

3. Placing sanitary ware

Placing sanitary ware such as a shower tray, a bathtub or a sink with a casing is the icing on the cake in any bathroom. It is also a very precise job. An incorrectly placed shower tray can overflow. Sanitary ware should be placed tightly against the wall, without too much space in between. Excessive gaps should not be fixed with sealant. This will only cause problems in the future, when the sealant becomes less good quality, and even possible leakage. In short, leave the installation of your (costly and often expensive) bathroom to the plumber (via Zoofy).
You can of course demolish your old bathroom and remove and dispose of the plumbing yourself. That of course saves you money.

4. Place a toilet bowl

Do you want to create an extra toilet or replace an existing toilet, for example with a free-hanging one? Perhaps you have just moved house and the toilet bowl from the previous owner is really no longer suitable. Replacing an existing toilet is not a fun job and there is always more to it than you think. Shutting off the water, disassembling the old toilet, marking it, drilling new holes and finally securing the toilet in place. The plumber doesn't shy away from this task. For a free-hanging or floating model, the built-in unit is installed first and the new toilet is mounted on the wall.

5. Fix a clog

We have quite a few drains in our homes that can become blocked. Think of the toilet drain, the shower or bathtub drain or the sink drain. These drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons. This is annoying, because then you can't take a shower or use the toilet.
If you can't solve the problem yourself quickly or easily, the plumber, who you can easily book through Zoofy, will come to your rescue. Before you know it, the water will be draining away again.

Why Zoofy?

You can also contact Zoofy for all other plumbing jobs. Because you can book a plumber in your area quickly and easily via the platform of Zoofy. Quickly enter three times when the professional (or professional woman) can contact you. Before you know it, you are already helped and the job is done. By a professional, because the platform of Zoofy only has good scoring craftsmen and women connected who score an average of no less than 9.2. At Zoofy we are very proud of this.
We dare to say that Zoofy has the right professional for almost every job.
No less than 300,000 satisfied customers have already booked their job through Zoofy.