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Tips for drilling holes in the wall

Monday 20 May 2019

The step-by-step plan: Drilling holes

Almost every job requires drilling. Drilling holes in the wall is not rocket science, but drilling a nice hole is certainly not easy. Your wall can quickly turn into a lunar landscape with craters if you don't take a few things into account. That's why many people ask "How do you drill a hole". Zoofy has made a step-by-step plan for you, along with handy tips. Then you can take on any challenge, armed with the drill. Easy peasy. Do you still have problems with your knees? Book a handyman who will get it done for you in no time. 

Tools required: drill, screw, plug, pencil and tape.

Step 1: Check the wall material

First check what kind of wall you are dealing with. Is the wall metal, glass, concrete or wood? If you do not use the right drill, the drill may break or melt. If you are not sure, ask a shop assistant for help. 

Step 2: Check where you want to drill

If you don't like too much tension, we recommend that you first look at the point where you want to drill the hole. If you draw an imaginary horizontal and vertical line from there, will you find any electrical outlets? Then the point is probably not a good idea. Want to be sure? Then use a pipe finder. You can find this tool at the hardware store.

Step 3: Marking the position

Keep your knees steady. Once you have chosen the right spot, you can take the first step towards starting your drilling job. Use the pencil to mark where you want to drill the hole.

Step 4: Drilling the hole

Check the diameter of the dowel and choose a drill bit that matches it. Insert the drill bit and secure it firmly. When drilling a hole in the wall, it is important to take the desired depth of the hole into account. To do this, place the dowel next to the drill and mark the drill with a piece of tape up to the point where you want to drill. In this way you can drill a hole gently until you reach the piece of tape. 

Step 5: Ready to hammer through the stone wall?

You are ready. Keep the drill straight with your clammy, sweaty hands. You can check this by ensuring that the drill is perpendicular to the wall both horizontally and vertically. Then start drilling gently and pull the drill back now and again while turning it. Repeat this until you reach the piece of tape. You don't succeed? Then we at Zoofy have enough men ready for you. Book your handyman here. 

General tips for drilling holes:
Swearing never helps
Do you want to drill a larger hole than 8 mm? Then it is a good idea to pre-drill with a narrower drill bit first. Only then should you use a drill bit with the correct diameter.
Never apply heavy pressure to the drill. The drill will become too hot.
Does your crankbait not fit properly after drilling? Then use a hammer to tap it in.
Do you want to drill into tiles? RUSTAGH! Before you know it, your tile will be broken in two or you will get an ugly scratch. Prevent slipping by sticking a cross of painters tape on your tile. Drill carefully and always use a tile drill. The drill bit can become hot. Cooling down the drill in between is a must.
Make sure that you always have a drill buddy at hand to remove any debris. Have him or her hold the hoover underneath during drilling.
Plugs are easily removed from the wall with a corkscrew.
Always put the drill in the safe position when you are not using it. An accident can happen at any time.