slimme thermostaat

The thermostat is smart and can be seen

Sunday 17 October 2021

The heating thermostat is much more than a switch for the boiler. Because it controls the heating, it has a prominent place in the living room. It was customary to immediately set the temperature when entering the room in order to get comfortable.


Thermostats are self-learning

Since the advent of smart thermostats, constantly turning the temperature on and off and regulating it is no longer necessary. There are self-learning thermostats that adjust the temperature based on residential behaviour. It ensures energy-efficient use without sacrificing comfort. Instead of the self-learning module, you can also set the desired temperature for the entire week quite precisely. You can change the setting at any time with the smartphone without having to delete it.

Wide range of thermostats

The most well-known brands are Honeywell, Intergas, Remeha and Nefit thermostats. They are modulating and work with OpenTherm communication. This means an even control of the temperature where there is no switching the heating on and off. This not only contributes to comfort but is also more energy efficient. There are thermostats that are self-learning, work on WIFI so they can be controlled remotely with an app or even work on the basis of geofencing. All thermostats are adjustable per time unit. The temperature can be set per day, week or weekend.

Differences in price and design

There are differences in price and design. The price of a smart thermostat is between 200 and 400 euros. A clock thermostat costs an average of 150 to 300 euros. The room thermostat remains the cheapest option. In terms of design, the Google thermostat stands out. The Nest thermostat has been available for some time and is already in its third generation. The design, however, is unchanged. The round thermostat is available in white, black and copper or in a stainless steel version. The Apple design appeals to many people and if desired, the thermostat can also be placed on a stand.