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Remove extractor hood and install induction cooktop with extractor fan

Monday 27 June 2022

Are you ready to replace your cooktop or gas stove, or are you renovating your kitchen? That's the perfect time to say goodbye to your traditional range hood and think about a different system. In this article, we highlight some alternative options and the benefits of an extractor hood integrated into a cooktop, also known as a worktop extractor.

Downdraft ventilation, the latest trend in the kitchen

Kitchens are also subject to fashion. First, extractor hoods were hidden behind a cabinet above the stove, as it were. Then, an extractor could not be displayed prominently enough. The bigger and shinier, the better. Now, cooktops with an extractor, or worktop extractor, are among the latest trends. The big advantage of countertop extractor is that there is no longer a large hood hanging over the cooktop (and you can't bump your head on it). Extractor hobs are a wonderful addition to your kitchen because of their clean design and lack of an (eye-catching) extractor. Your kitchen suddenly looks much more spacious. That's another good reason to say goodbye to your traditional or recirculating cooker hood.

Downdraft ventilation - here are the types and how they work

- Extractor installed in the center or at the back of a cooktop
- Countertop extractor installed on one side or two sides (sides) of a cooktop
- Downdraft extractor. With this type of range hood, it slides up from the kitchen worktop. This type of hood is only visible when the cooktop is in operation. You can adjust the height of the downdraft yourself. Finished cooking? The downdraft automatically disappears into the kitchen worktop after cooking.

Did you know that cooking vapors are extracted much faster and more efficiently with downdraft ventilation? This is partly due to the powerful extraction speed of four meters per second. Cooking vapors travel at only one meter per second. This is a purely physical principle, whereby the suction speed is more powerful than the take-off speed. On the other hand, the worktop extractor is located right next to your pans rather than some distance above them.
The exhausted warm air is then turned into condensation.

What should you consider when choosing a cooktop extractor fan?

Your available budget is naturally the starting point when choosing a cooktop extractor fan. In the more expensive segment, you can expect to spend several thousand euros (up to € 8,000). Find out about the noise level and extraction capacity. These things differ, of course, from brand to brand and from model to model. You don't want a good-looking worktop extractor with insufficient capacity. It's a waste of money. It is important that your kitchen can be kept free of cooking fumes and moisture. The greater the capacity of the downdraft ventilation, the better. The space in which the new worktop extractor is installed also has an impact. In a small kitchen, you can get by with a more limited extraction capacity. Make sure you are well informed about this.
It is also a matter of personal taste. There are different models and systems available (see also above), made of materials such as glass and stainless steel. You can choose an induction cooktop with extractor fan or a gas cooktop with extractor fan. Be sure to visit a kitchen showroom to get a better idea of worktop extractors and get some ideas.

Fitting downdraft ventilation

Mounting an extractor requires skill and technical knowledge. Therefore, it is best to outsource this job to Zoofy's professionals. They are experienced in the installation of downdraft ventilation and know their business. Before the extractor, for example an induction hob with extractor, can be installed, the old extractor or the old recirculation hood will have to be removed. Then the old cooktop will have to be removed and, if applicable, the gas shut off. Often the presence of power current is required. In some cases, the kitchen worktop must be adjusted or even renewed. All work that needs to be carefully thought through beforehand.
All in all, installing a worktop extractor can be a bit tricky. Therefore, call in a professional in your area for the installation of downdraft ventilation. The craftsmen and women of Zoofy score an average of 9.2, something we at Zoofy are very proud of. Zoofy does everything to maintain this quality. More than 300,000 satisfied customers have already gone before you.