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Painting furniture, give it new life

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Done with your old furniture? Then you don't have to buy new ones right away. Instead, you can paint your furniture. That way, you not only save a lot of money, but also create unique eye-catchers that you won't find in shops. Find out more about the different possibilities and current colour trends below!

What furniture can you paint?

Painting furniture usually refers to the painting of wooden furniture. Wood is a material that can be painted very easily. It does not matter what kind of wood is being used. It is also possible to paint plastic or aluminium furniture, although this is much more difficult. Fortunately, you can leave this to a painter if you are not able to do it properly.

Step-by-step plan for painting wooden furniture

Would you like to paint wooden furniture yourself? Then you can follow the step-by-step plan below.

Step 1: Prepare your workshop

The first important step is of course to prepare your workshop. Cover and tape everything so that you do not damage the floor or other furniture during painting.

Step 2: Cleaning and sanding furniture

Have you taped everything up? Then it is important to first clean the furniture that you want to paint. This way you ensure that the paint will adhere better. Then you can sand your furniture with sandpaper.

Step 3: Apply primer

After sanding you should apply a layer of primer. Let the paint dry thoroughly and afterwards you may choose to lightly sand the furniture again. This is not necessary, but it does ensure a better result.

Step 4: Painting

Once the primer has dried well, you can paint your furniture. For smaller surfaces it is best to use an acrylic brush and for larger surfaces a paint roller. Also let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.

Which paint should I use?

When painting your furniture, it is best to use high gloss or silk paint. Do you have a lot of blemishes and would you like to hide them? Then high gloss is not a good idea, because it will accentuate unevenness. In that case it is best to choose a silk gloss. For nice, even surfaces, it is best to use a high-gloss paint.

Do you prefer a matt or rough look? Then chalk paint is also an option. If you use chalk paint, your furniture will get a nice vintage look. It is advisable to finish it off with a nice layer of varnish afterwards, so that it will look nice for longer.

Paint furniture: which colour will you choose?

Some popular choices of colours for your furniture at the moment are bright red, orange or other striking colours to turn your furniture into eye-catchers. Combine this with an accent wall and accessories in the same colour and you get a very hip interior. Do you prefer cosiness? Then you can also give your furniture a dark colour.

Nowadays, it is also popular to paint your furniture in the same colour as the walls. This applies especially to furniture that is placed against your wall, such as a sideboard or a wardrobe. By painting them the same colour, you can create a beautiful and trendy whole. Remember that nothing is wrong. The most important thing is that the colour matches your taste and the rest of your interior. Do take into account the amount of light in the room. In a room with little light, it is better not to choose furniture that is too dark.

Interesting alternative: varnishing

Instead of painting your furniture, you can also varnish it. This means that you apply a transparent layer that leaves the wood structure visible. This way you preserve the beautiful natural look of the furniture. Varnishing is not only a technique for making your furniture more beautiful again, but also for protecting it against moisture and sunlight.

If you would still like a colour, you can choose coloured varnish. There are many different options. Varnish can also be an addition to paint. A varnish layer is recommended if you use chalk paint on furniture that has to endure a lot, such as kitchen cupboards, table tops or chairs.

Have your furniture painted or varnished by a painter from Zoofy

Of course, you can paint or varnish your furniture yourself, but if you choose to use a painter from Zoofy, you can save a lot of time. Moreover, you are always assured of a durable and beautiful result.

You don't have to spend hours looking for the best painter in your neighbourhood. All you have to do is fill in a few details. Because you will automatically be linked to the best and nearest professional, you won't even have to pay call-out charges!