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Thursday 29 December 2022

Our Professionals

With our close screening process and tracking of our partnership, we are confident that we have competent, good, honest tradesmen online. We put several tradesmen offline each month that do not meet our expectations. We expect the tradesmen to communicate well with customers, to do the job properly, to be customer-friendly and to treat our platform with respect. Our craftsmen score an average of 4.6 out of 5 and are taken offline when they score below 3.6 out of 5. Every month we also declare a tradesman of the month, these are sent out in the newsletter to all our tradesmen and get their own spot on the Zoofy Hall of Fame.

Signing up as a professional

A tradesman can sign up with us by downloading the app and entering their details. The craftsman team carefully checks all applications. They check the craftsman's Chamber of Commerce, whether the application matches the uploaded passport or ID photo, request a portfolio of work, and do thorough research to see if there are any complaints online about the company or person. If everything looks good, we cannot find any crazy reports back and online the company can be found as an acclaimed handyman company, then the collaboration starts. Before the first job will take place, the professional is called to discuss if there are any questions and share some information about how we envision the collaboration. 

The collaboration

During the collaboration we closely monitor the performance of the tradesmen. We keep track of what kind of reviews they receive; if the score is below 3.6, professionals are immediately taken offline. We then know that the cooperation is not going well, so we greatly appreciate it when customers share their opinion about the experience with the professional. The customer service team keeps track of how many and what kind of complaints a professional receives. Forgetting an appointment can happen, it's human nature. However, when we notice that a tradesman regularly fails to show up for jobs, it does make us wonder. 

If we notice problems in our dealings with the craftsman or from customer complaints, we talk to the craftsman to see what the problem is. We coach craftsmen to maintain better contact with the customer in order to be able to prevent small irritations that could eventually cause larger problems.