Elektricien Purmerend

Need an electrician in Purmerend

Thursday 20 October 2022

Are you looking for an electrician in Purmerend? Then look no further! At Zoofy you can book the best licensed electricians for your next electrical job.

What does an electrician do in Purmerend?

Nowadays, we cannot live without electricity. It is important that it is installed properly. Otherwise electricity becomes dangerous. Do you have a job that involves electricity? Then you need an electrician. But what exactly does an electrician do? Very simply put, an electrician installs electricity. Yet an electrician's job is more than just laying electricity. Think, for example, of moving electrical sockets or lighting points in your house or renewing the distribution board.

What are common tasks for an electrician in Purmerend?

An electrician can perform many different electrician jobs. So not just moving your electrical sockets. The most common tasks of an electrician are:

Fixing short circuits

Short circuits are very common. A short circuit makes it impossible to still use electricity in your home. A very annoying problem. Your fuses may have blown or there may be a problem with the earth leakage switch. Whatever it is, an electrician from an electrician company in Alkmaar and surroundings will solve the problem for you.

Installing a fuse box

Old houses in particular often have outdated fuse boxes. These are not always well maintained, or are simply old. This can cause dangerous situations. An electrician can check the fuse box in your house and replace it for you if necessary.

Connecting or inspecting electrical appliances

Do you have a company and do you work with different types of electrical appliances? Then by law you must have them inspected by an electrician. How often you have to have these appliances inspected depends entirely on the level of risk of the electrical appliances you use in your business. Our certified electricians know exactly how this works and will be happy to help you with the next inspection of your commercial electrical appliances.

Installing earthing

Sometimes the earth pin in your home may be worn out. This is a very specialised job, but not for our electricians! Proper earthing prevents your electrical appliances from being electrified. Still, it's nice when the earthing in your home works properly and you don't get electrocuted thanks to an electrician via Zoofy.

Connecting perilex plugs

Perilex plugs is also called a three-phase voltage plug system. These plugs have two legs more than the regular plugs we use in our homes. These perilex plugs are mainly found on heavier electrical appliances, such as cooking appliances. Perilex plugs are not available everywhere. A good electrician from an electrical company in Alkmaar or the surrounding area can help you with that. They will provide a connection in your home so you can safely use perilex plugs and your appliances.

How can you hire an electrician in Purmerend from Zoofy?

Through Zoofy, you submit a request for your next job yourself. Enter all details via our website and submit the request. Zoofy will only share your details with the electrician who accepts your job. Once an electrician accepts your job, you will receive a confirmation in your email with the appointment. In this email you will find a time frame of two hours in which the electrician can visit your home. You always pay Zoofy for the job. We will send you a payment link via email or text message. We do not immediately pay the electrician who comes to your home. We hold the costs for a while. This gives you and us the assurance that the electrician will actually do a good job for you. A nice idea, right?

What are the costs for an electrician in Purmerend?

The exact costs for your job depend on the size of the job. The certified electricians via Zoofy work with a fixed hourly rate. In the Purmerend area, this hourly rate is 65 euros. This includes VAT. Do you have an urgent job or will an electrician visit you at the weekend or in the evening? Then you will pay a surcharge. Zoofy does not charge call-out fees. That makes a difference. Most standard jobs have their own predetermined price. You can see the applicable price in advance when you request a job via Zoofy. So you know immediately where you stand.