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Moisture in the basement is bad for your health

Thursday 22 September 2022

Do you have a house with a basement underneath? Then you might prefer to keep that cellar door closed because of the musty smell coming from the cellar. This, of course, is a waste of space that remains unused. It could also be that you have stored things in the cellar, think Christmas decorations or camping gear, and find that when you want to bring them out again, these things are covered in a layer of smelly mould. This is not only a shame about the stuff, so now you can just throw it away, but it is also bad for your health. The mould will, in time, spread throughout your house!

How does mould in the basement occur?

Mould in the basement is caused by moisture. It could be that the basement is dank and that the damp air will soon disappear with good ventilation, but it could also be that your basement has been damaged by outside influences. Think of the wall or floor cracking due to tree roots or because the groundwater is too high or freezing and thawing again. Whatever the cause, a solution will need to be found.

What can you do yourself to get the damp basement dry again?

For a start, you can empty the cellar completely yourself. While doing so, be mindful of your health. Wear overalls that cover you completely and don't forget to wear a dust mask with a filter either. Immediately throw everything affected by mould into a container and then hand over the empty basement to the experts. The people at Kelderwaterdicht.nl can not only tell you why it is that your basement has a moisture problem, they can also tell you what needs to be done to solve it. This is not a job that you can just tackle yourself. You can check out the site to find contact details and read more about Basement Waterproof.

Basement Waterproof has a self-developed treatment method

Getting and keeping moisture out of the walls and floor of your basement requires special knowledge. Basement Waterproof has that knowledge and also a unique treatment method developed in-house. By using special liquid that is injected, up to 10 years of warranty can be offered!

Read more about Cellar Waterproof's method and make an appointment for a free, no-obligation inspection immediately to determine the exact nature of the problems.