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Make your garden summer ready

Monday 22 March 2021

Getting your garden ready for the summer doesn't have to be outsourced completely, you can do the first things yourself. But there are a number of gardening jobs that are best tackled by a professional, in this case a gardener.

Get started systematically

First, think about what you want from your garden. What bothered you most about your garden last year? Was it the lack of a nice patch of grass? Have you wanted to replace that fence for years? Or maybe you just got fed up with the heat on your terrace? Take a walk through your garden, get rid of some weeds and leaves, also take out the plants that didn't survive the winter and tidy up a bit. Also ask yourself what you use your garden for the most, or will use it for now. Then you will soon know what work you need to approach your gardener for.

Greener grass

Grass is a beautiful natural product, but if it's barren or if you see more sand than grass, the fun quickly evaporates. By laying turf, your garden will undergo a metamorphosis. From one day to the next, you suddenly have a beautiful lawn. Just look at the look on the neighbours' faces when they come outside. As a true garden professional, the gardener, with his broad experience, knows exactly what to pay attention to when laying turf. He will also provide you with tips for care, especially in the first days and weeks. Would you rather have artificial turf laid? Have it your way. Just as beautiful, and no maintenance is guaranteed.

New fencing or fence?

Rusty fencing, a half-derelict fence, a malfunctioning gate: these can be huge sources of irritation. Especially in the months when you are outside a lot, it bothers you. How would you like to tackle it this year? Have your gardener install a beautiful new fence. Or find new fence pieces and have him put them up. When he does come, ask him to adjust the gate as well. You will see that afterwards you are very happy that your gardener did this for you. Not only has the fence been installed, but three jobs have been crossed off your garden to-do list. Check it out!

Sheltered sitting

Wonderful, that nice terrace in the sun. Really enjoy it. But it becomes less enjoyable when the sun is shining too brightly, or when it's very windy. You've already thought a few times that something needs to be done. Now you flee inside too often. A shame about that great terrace. With a patio cover, you're sure to make even more use of your garden, which will soon be ready for summer as well. Don't underestimate the importance of building a patio cover. The construction has to do exactly what you want, but it also has to be safe. From what he has seen and done for other customers, the gardener will probably have some good ideas about that too, with their pros and cons.