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Laying artificial grass with a good surface

Sunday 26 December 2021

A beautiful green lawn at Christmas time without any noticeable effort? It is possible with artificial grass, because it is a carpet that lasts for years and is actually indistinguishable from natural grass.

Grass without maintenance
A beautiful garden is an asset to every home. In addition to perennial plants, a garden consists of a large area of lawn. For many families, this means space for the children to play in the playground, the children's pool or the trampoline. Natural grass requires quite a bit of maintenance, especially in the warm months. In addition to mowing, natural grass needs specific treatments to keep it nice and green.

Artificial grass requires good drainage

Replacing natural grass with an artificial lawn does require an investment. Buying artificial grass is easy but it also has to be installed. The mats must be laid in the right way, which requires the necessary soil preparation. Proper drainage is important to prevent puddles of water from forming during heavy showers. With artificial grass, the foundation determines the quality. If the foundation is wrong, problems are bound to occur.


Substrate is the basis

The subsoil must be properly levelled, which is achieved with a sand bed of mixed granulate. The sand bed ensures a stable substrate which prevents subsidence. Next, a pressure-distributing cloth should be applied to ensure that the load is evenly distributed. It also serves to prevent weeds from growing. Artificial grass is laid in strips and the various parts are glued together with a line strip. The artificial lawn is then reinforced with quartz sand so that it remains firmly in place.

Investment for years

Laying an artificial lawn is not easy because of the groundwork. It can be compared to paving. The subsoil ensures a stable position with good water drainage. Specialists do this work every day and know which specific preparations are necessary. Depending on the number of square metres, a price estimate for laying an area without artificial grass is around EUR 23.00 per m2. The price of artificial grass varies according to the type of material, quality and density and is on average 25 to 30 euros per m2.

A total price of 50 euros per m² is a reasonable investment. For this investment, the garden is equipped with quality artificial grass that has been professionally laid. It is an investment for years with zero maintenance costs. A natural lawn is cheaper to lay, but requires annual costs for necessary maintenance. If you do the garden yourself, it will mainly cost you time.