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Klusup vs. Zoofy

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Monday 27 June 2022

We would like to help you in your search for a suitable party to carry out various jobs and activities. That's why we've listed the main differences between Zoofy and Klusup for you. After reading this article, you'll be able to make a better choice and decide if Klusup is an alternative for Zoofy.

Zoofy positively distinguishes itself from Klusup in the following areas:

The service costs

Both Klusup and Zoofy charge the customer a service fee as soon as the work has been done with the desired service. For a regular order the service fee with Zoofy is € 24,95 and for an urgent order € 24,95. Klusup, on the other hand, charges a service fee of € 27.50 per job. The service fee for Klusup is higher than for Zoofy.


As market leader with the largest network of craftsmen, Zoofy also offers installation & assembly services to companies. Other than Klusup, you can find Zoofy at renowned brands such as IKEA,, Hornbach, Karwei, Gamma and Praxis, Saniweb, see the partners here. As soon as the consumer has bought or received a product at one of these parties, Zoofy delivers a reliable professional to assemble or install the product as soon as possible. Zoofy is very proud on the trust given by these partners. Klusup does have some partnerships with other companies.

Zoofy reviews versus Klusup reviews

An opinion about a platform and a well-considered choice can be made by reading reviews. We are open about the scores.

Review Zoofy on Trustpilot

Rating 3.7

Number of stars 3.5

Review Klusup on Trustpilot

Rating 1.8 stars

Stars 2

Review Zoofy on Google

Rating 4,0

Stars 4

Review Klusup on Google

Rating 3.8 stars

Number of stars 4

Zoofy is rated higher than Klusup both on Trustpilot and Google. This also shows that the reliability of Zoofy is higher than the reliability of Klusup. Convince yourself and compare the Zoofy experiences versus the Klusup experiences.

More experience & national coverage

For whatever job you want to commission and whether it's a regular job or an urgent job, Zoofy delivers the right professional. Zoofy has over 9,000 reliable professionals and national coverage. This way Zoofy can always deliver a professional that fits your needs. From painter to plumber and from carpenter to electrician. A nice thought. Because the supply of professionals through Zoofy is so large, Zoofy carries out considerably more jobs on a monthly basis than Klusup.

The number of professionals affiliated with Klusup is also significantly lower. This does not affect the quality, which can still be very good, however, Klusup lacks a complete national coverage and the requested job can not always be realized at every location or on (very) short notice.

Craftsmen, craftswomen and handymen

When you outsource a job, you not only expect it to be done quickly, but also to be done by a professional. The platform of Zoofy has for the most part reliable and high-scoring craftsmen and women connected. It is also possible to hire a so-called handyman for simpler jobs. Think of hanging lamps, clearing your driveway of weeds or assembling furniture.

The Klusup platform, on the other hand, has considerably fewer professionals. With Klusup, you are paired with a gardener or handyman. This means that there is a greater chance that your Klusup job will be carried out by a "handy neighbour" rather than by a professional.

Direct communication, short waiting times

Maybe you are used to waiting longer for a response from Klusup, but with Zoofy you will often find a professional who is right for your job within minutes, especially in urban areas. This is not only due to the large number of professionals that are connected to Zoofy's platform. Zoofy has developed a well-functioning and super-fast app, which facilitates the professionals. Customers and professionals can use this app to communicate directly with each other, without the intervention of third parties. Useful, for example, for rescheduling an appointment. With the help of this app, a requested job goes directly to a specific professional group. As a result, you receive a quick response and a response from the right professional. Good to know, especially if it's an urgent job.

Requests via Klusup are usually not responded to as quickly as those via Zoofy. This has to do with a differently designed app and a lower national coverage.