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Interior doors, traditional hip industrial

Monday 20 June 2022

Doors. There are so many different types and thus possibilities. You may not have thought about it until you buy, rent or renovate a home. In this blog, we will therefore review a number of different types of doors. Useful information when you want to install or replace a new door. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the different types of doors and you will know the difference between a flush door and a rebated door. We will also look at the trends of 2022

Flush doors

A typical feature of a rebated door is that the outer edges of this type of door fall over the frame. The advantage of this is that a rebated door allows fewer draughts to pass through. In addition, no seams are visible, which looks beautiful. A rebated door therefore has a luxurious appearance. A flush door is also easy to install. Flush doors are attached with hinges.

Flush doors

Unlike with rebated doors, an unfinished door fits (or falls) precisely within the frame. A flush door has no overlap edge. A flush door lets more through than a rebated door and must be hung accurately because the seams are visible. As both sides of the blunt door are identical, you can easily determine the direction of rotation yourself. The lock-hole milling can be installed on either the left or right side of the door frame. An obtuse door can usually be made narrower or shortened. Flush doors are fixed with hinges.

Sliding doors

Hinged doors, such as upright and frame doors, can take up a lot of space or restrict the layout because of their turning radius. A good alternative is the installation of a sliding door, where you do not have to take a turning circle into account. The door (or door leaf) can be simply pushed aside. There are handy sliding door systems available for this, with which you can even transform an existing door into a sliding door. The choice is vast. Sliding doors are also offered under the name barn door or loft door.

Pivot doors

Another type of door is a pivot door, which is usually made of steel and glass. A pivot door hinges on the top and bottom instead of the side, i.e. around its vertical axis. This axis is usually not in the middle of the door but at one-fifth or two-fifths of the width of the door. Instead of falling into a frame, a pivot door drops into a finished recess. A special feature of this type of door is that it can be opened to the outside as well as to the inside. This makes them space-saving compared to up-and-over doors and frame doors. It is a real boost for your interior due to the open and luxurious look. Hinged doors have been a real trend in recent years thanks to popular living programmes such as "Falling in love with your own home again". Hinged doors are also called pivot doors.

Steel doors

The trend, also in 2022, is of course the black steel door with glass. These stylish and timeless doors can be made completely to measure, even ceiling high. Therefore, they fit into any interior and match perfectly with an industrial interior.

However, we are observing a slightly changing trend. Currently, the popularity of white steel doors is slowly increasing. Precisely as a counterpart to the black steel door, which really is number one. White steel doors are light due to the slim lines of the steel. The large glass surfaces allow the maximum amount of daylight to enter. This gives your interior a clear and fresh look.

Steel doors (black or white) are available in the traditional form, but can also be used as sliding doors or pivot doors.

Remember that steel doors are heavy. A solid construction and floors that are level are a requirement. If in doubt, have a professional look at your specific situation, for example a carpenter that you can easily engage through Zoofy.

From austere surfaces to soft curves

In 2022, interior design trends will move away from straight-line designs. There will be a development towards organic and rounded shapes. Of course, round shapes have a different effect on your interior than straight shapes. Round shapes also influence the height or width of a (steel) door. Think of rounded corners or circles. Have you already installed steel doors and do you still want to join in the trend? Handles are a great way of adding some organic details as a contrast to the austere surface division.


Some final tips

Do you want to know whether you are dealing with a door that turns left or right? Then look carefully where the hinges are mounted. If the hinges are on the right, you have a right-handed door. Did you order a door without door furniture and hinges?