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Insulating your home is important

Tuesday 05 July 2022

You know by now that energy prices have risen enormously. And it doesn't look like that will change in the coming period. In fact, energy prices are only going to rise more! And that is not good news for homeowners. Don't imagine that next winter you will be sitting on the couch with several thick jumpers because you don't have the money to heat up the stove! So now is the time to do something about it. To start with, you can invite a company that, together with you, looks at which points of insulation can still be improved. And there are!

Insulate the roof

Many people have an attic in their house that they don't use. Only the Christmas stuff and the camping gear are stored there. So the attic is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about making your house more sustainable. However, you can achieve a lot with roof insulation. What's more: with roof insulation you immediately make the biggest impact!
You can do this yourself or have it done. There are different ways to insulate the roof. You can, for instance, choose to have rafters on the inside of the roof and to place glass wool in between. Glass wool can be ordered quickly and easily online. Did you know that in many cases a subsidy is available to insulate the roof?

Insulate the walls

An important part of home insulation is insulating your walls. Again, there are several options that can help you save a lot of energy and avoid high energy bills. Did you know that no less than 20% of the heat in your home disappears through walls that are not properly insulated? Time to do something about it.

Opt for a false wall

Of course, it is not an option to install a retention wall at the moment that you are very satisfied with your house. But have you yet to move into your house? Then a retention wall is a good idea. You place a thin wall in front of the existing walls and fill the space between the existing wall and the false wall with insulating material. Of course this will cost you some space in your house, but it will give you much more!

Choose cavity wall insulation

Every outer wall of your house consists of two parts: the inner wall and the outer wall. The space in between is called the cavity. By properly filling this cavity with insulating material, you ensure that the wall is properly insulated. This does not cost you any extra space in your house, but it can be a difficult job, especially with an existing building.

Insulate your floors and crawl space

These two types of insulation may not make a huge difference to your energy bill, but they do provide a lot more living comfort. The rising cold from under the floor can cause cold feet. By insulating both the floor and the crawl space, you can prevent this.

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