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Increase the value of your house

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Are you thinking of selling your house? Then it's not a bad idea to see if there are any maintenance jobs that can be done to increase the value of your home. Perhaps you don't want to invest in a house you no longer want to live in. Understandable, but the following chores will increase the value of your home and eventually it will pay for itself.

Increase the value of your house: this is how you do it

Are you going to sell your house in the short term? Then choose timeless home improvements. People want to move into a home that needs little work and that they can easily furnish according to their wishes. An example of this is the colour of the wall: which colour you choose is really a question of taste. Therefore, before you put your house on the market, it is best to paint your wall white or to choose another neutral colour.

Improve energy label

The energy label indicates how energy-efficient your house is. An A-label is the most economical and a G-label consumes the most energy. It is wise to try to improve the energy label before you start selling. This can be done in the following ways:

Insulating the walls, roof and/or floor;
Installing double glazing.
Installing double glazing is a good investment, because it ensures that your energy costs will go down. See here how the energy label of your house is doing.

Increase your living space

By increasing the surface area and content of your house, you also increase the value of your home. You can do this in different ways. You can choose to place a dormer window in the attic or to build a beautiful extension downstairs. Keep in mind that an extension makes a garden smaller. If your garden is big enough, adding an extension is of course no problem, but if your garden is not that big, it can be a disadvantage. Therefore, it is important to see what is possible and what suits your home best.

Home maintenance

A house that is well maintained and freshened up is more profitable. The following points are important:

Painting the facade, walls and window frames;
Cleaning gutters, drains and drainpipes;
Have the lead connections checked by a roofer;
Replace plasterwork where necessary;
Boiler maintenance.
Do you have two left hands, too little time or not the right tools? Buying new tools can be quite an investment, especially if you don't use them often. It is then usually cheaper to hire a professional handyman. That way you can be sure that the job will be done properly.

Garden maintenance

Everything revolves around the first impression. That's why with home maintenance you don't just think about the house itself, but also about the garden. Make sure the garden is well maintained and looks clean. A gardener can help you with this. Also think about a good distribution between the amount of greenery and paving.

Some people prefer a garden full of plants, while others prefer a maintenance-free garden with as many stones as possible. This is personal for everyone, but in any case, make sure it is clear what is possible with the garden after the sale. Many people also value a little privacy in the garden. So if you have not yet placed a good fence, it is certainly advisable to do so.

A private parking space is for most people an important factor when looking for a new home. It can make a buyer want to pay a little more for your house than for a similar property in your neighbourhood. So you might consider clearing out part of your front or side garden for a driveway. Do you think that is too much work? Then again, show that this option is available, for example by clearly mentioning it in the advertisement text when putting your house up for sale.