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Wooncomfort verhogen met serre

Increase living comfort with a conservatory

Monday 21 November 2022

More and more people are choosing to extend the home with a conservatory. In fact, installing a conservatory has many advantages. Wondering what? Read below which advantages a conservatory will bring you.

More sunlight

Numerous studies have shown that sunlight has a positive effect on your state of mind. Exposure to light improves mental health, mood and productivity. Especially during the winter months, some extra light can do a lot for your health. A conservatory brings a lot of natural light into the home. You will find that you will spend a lot of time in this space because of its pleasant light and good ambiance.

Enjoy the outdoor feeling for longer

The Dutch weather often does not allow you to enjoy the outdoors. With a conservatory, on the other hand, you will enjoy the outdoor feeling all year long. The conservatory extension ensures a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. In a well-insulated conservatory, you enjoy the outdoor feeling even during the cold winter months.

Added value for the house

Not only does a conservatory increase living comfort, it also has financial benefits. More and more buyers on the housing market have their ears set on a house with a (conservatory) extension. A glass conservatory does a lot for the appearance of the house

Beautiful appearance

A conservatory gives more space. Not only do you increase the living area; the many windows give a spacious feeling and make the house look bigger than it actually is. The house feels more spacious and open than before.


If you choose to extend your home with a conservatory, we recommend you take a look at the website of Busscher Serrebouw. They install luxury conservatories that completely match your wishes. Be inspired and request a no-obligation quote via the website.