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How to clean the sewage system

Monday 26 April 2021

Nothing is as annoying as a blocked water pipe or drain. Fortunately, you can easily prevent or solve a clog. Read our tips below.

Clean the shower drain

When it smells foul in the bathroom or when you have a foot bath while showering, it is high time to clean the shower drain.
The first sign that this needs to be done is, of course, the clump of hairs that obstructs the flow of water. Unfortunately, having removed the hairs does not guarantee that all hairs have been removed. Especially if the water still does not drain well, you need to go a step further.
Using a large hook, a piece of wire or a plunger spring, you can bring out the hairs that are further down the pipe. You will often be amazed at the quantity.
If it is difficult to get hold of the hairs, it is best to unscrew the grate, which makes it easier to work with.
Then, if the water still does not drain sufficiently, you can try to clear the blockage with a plopper. Often, moving the plopper up and down a few times is sufficient.
Finally, you can use a plunger. Unblocking agents are often aggressive and very environmentally unfriendly. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use and, if necessary, use safety goggles to prevent splashing.

Another cheaper and environmentally friendly option is to use a household remedy. All you need is baking soda and (cleaning) vinegar. Proceed as follows:

1. pour a cup of baking soda into the shower drain and wait a few minutes
2. now pour a cup of vinegar in the shower drain and leave for at least two hours
3. rinse thoroughly with hot water

Of course, all these tips also work for a clogged bathroom sink or kitchen sink.
So get into the habit of cleaning your shower drain at least once every two to three weeks.


Cleaning the siphon

Under the sink or basin is a siphon which acts as an odour trap. Unfortunately, dirt, soap scum, hair and other filth also collect in a siphon. Especially in the kitchen, this is often the case. If the sink does not drain properly here and you have also applied the tips under cleaning the shower drain, cleaning the siphon can offer a solution. Proceed as follows:

1. place a bucket under the siphon
2. depending on the type of siphon, unscrew either the whole siphon (by hand) or just the bottom cover with a screwdriver
Now you can remove the dirt from the siphon and clean the siphon, for example with an old toothbrush
4. put the siphon back and tighten everything again
Leave the bucket under the siphon for a while
Open the tap

Does the water run away and does the siphon remain dry? Then the job is done.