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How often to maintain the gas fire

Thursday 14 July 2022

Is annual maintenance necessary?

All gas fires require maintenance after one year or one and a half years. You can do it yourself with a simple gas fire (don't forget to clean the windows from the inside), but things can always break. The installer can guarantee safe use of the gas fire after maintenance. If you do not do this, you may have problems lighting the gas fire. For example, problems may arise with dirty or corroded "sensors". This sensor measures whether the pilot light is burning, which can eventually lead to the entire gas tap being opened. In some cases, wooden blocks or chips can get in the way of this sensor. This is not always visible on the outside of the fireplace. Maintenance is also necessary if the stove is only used occasionally. Especially when the gas fire is used infrequently, there is a high risk of dust formation.

What does an installer do during maintenance?

The installer makes sure that the gas fire is free of dust and other contaminations. He will clean the window of the gas fire with a special care product. He also checks important parts such as thermocouples, pilot guides and launching mechanisms. If necessary, the log and stones are cleaned of dust. This brings it back to its "original" position and gives you the best flame picture. He also checks whether the battery

How can I clean the gas fire screen myself?

One of the tasks you can do yourself, with a little effort, is cleaning the gas fire window.  After turning off the gas, first remove the window. You can find out how to do this in the instructions for the gas fire. Then place the glass on a soft surface to avoid scratches and other damage to the glass. Then spray the window cleaner on to the glass, allow it to soak in for a moment and then wipe the glass clean with a clean, dry cloth. Put the glass back in the fireplace and enjoy the beautiful flames again.

How much does a gas fire maintenance service cost?

At Zoofy you can easily book a professional who can perform maintenance on your gas fire. You see the price in advance, so there are no surprises later. Simply place a job order when it suits you and Zoofy will take care of the rest. Payment is easy with Tikkie or iDeal. Check here the costs for installing a gas fire.