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How much can you save with insulation

Monday 04 July 2022

Want to save money? Then invest in insulating your home!

Making your home more sustainable is a good option. If your home is not or not sufficiently insulated, heat will quickly escape through seams and cracks. By insulating, the comfort level in your home will increase. Insulation is also better for the environment and your wallet. You save gas or electricity and there are fewer CO2 emissions. But there are other advantages to having insulation installed. By insulating, you also keep moisture and noise out. Moreover, the value of your home will increase. Saving money with insulation is a smart move. In this article, we highlight a number of ways to insulate your home. In which rooms can insulation be applied and what can you save with a certain method of insulation? Who is the best person to hire to make your home more sustainable? All questions we would like to answer for you.

How much money can you save by taking insulation measures?

Installing cavity wall insulation saves up to € 800 in energy costs*.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to insulate your house is to install cavity wall insulation. Moreover, this work is done entirely on the outside of your house. You don't have to stay at home or clean up afterwards. The cavity, the space between the inner and outer wall, is filled with an insulating material. This means that 20% less heat is lost through the outer walls and the heat is retained better. In the summer it stays nice and cool inside. The professional will be happy to come and take a look at your situation. Unfortunately it is not always possible to install cavity wall insulation.

Installing roof insulation saves about € 700 in energy costs*.

A lot of heat is lost unnecessarily through an uninsulated or poorly insulated pitched roof. By installing roof insulation, you can save a lot on your energy costs. The investment depends on the type of roof that your house has and whether it has to be insulated from the inside (the cheapest way) or from the outside (the most expensive way). The average price for insulating a roof is € 50 per m2. You will have earned back this investment in about eight years.

Installing floor insulation saves about € 250 in energy costs*.

A cold, draughty floor is particularly unpleasant in winter. By installing floor insulation, not only cold air but also moisture (coming from the crawl space) is stopped. There are several ways of insulating the floor. It is possible to insulate from the crawl space (so from below) but it is also possible to insulate from above. The disadvantage of the latter option is that the floor becomes higher and doors sometimes have to be shortened. If you want to install underfloor heating, floor insulation is even a must. The investment depends on the surface area of the floor and the way in which it is insulated.

Installing glass insulation can save up to approximately €250 in energy costs*.

Glass insulation can be quite an investment. Does your house still have single glazing or only HR glass? Nowadays, HR++ glass is the best way to insulate your home. But this investment brings you a lot of comfort. The windows give off less cold, do not fog up on the inside (anymore) and keep out noises from the outside.

Save even more, take two or more insulation measures and receive a national subsidy

If you have two or more types of insulation installed, preferably by the professionals of Zoofy, you can get up to 30% of the cost back by making use of the national subsidy. You receive a fixed amount per square meter. Note that you will only be eligible for this subsidy if you hire a professional to install the insulation. You can apply for the subsidy for several measures, for example, the installation of insulating glass with cavity wall insulation.
From April 1, 2022, you can also apply for a subsidy for only one insulation measure. In that case you will receive 15% of the investment back.

Why choose Zoofy to make your home more sustainable?

Are you short of time, do you have two left hands or do you simply want insulation measures to be carried out professionally and without fuss? Register your job on the platform of Zoofy. Your request will go directly to a specific professional group. Therefore you will always receive a quick response from the right professional. Did you know that these professionals score an average of 9.2? We at Zoofy are very proud of that. You will not be charged for call-out fees and you only have to pay afterwards, when the work has been done to your satisfaction.

* With the current, strongly rising energy prices, the savings can be even higher.

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