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Garden inspiration of 2021

Monday 14 June 2021

Large garden inspiration

A large garden is wonderful, especially if it is already fully equipped according to your wishes. But do you have no idea how to design your current large garden? We can give you gardening inspiration for a stylish and beautifully designed garden. And do you need help with the (re)design of your garden? Simply book a professional via Zoofy.

Devise a plan

Map out for yourself what you think is important in your garden. Do you want a maintenance-free garden, an open character or more shelter and privacy? Do you prefer grass or do you prefer big clean tiles and gravel? It's a good idea to hire a garden designer. Discuss your wishes with him or her and have a garden design made. You will certainly reap the rewards of this investment.


In a large garden, trees are at their best. But remember that a small tree can grow very large and may eventually block the view or damage tiles and paving with its roots.


Paths can be laid in different ways and with different materials. However romantic a winding path may be, consider that it may be more practical to choose a shorter connection.
A path can be laid with grass, wood chips or gravel, but also with small bricks or proper large tiles. Weeds grow much more easily between small bricks than between large tiles. Large tiles will give your garden a modern look. Your choice will also depend on whether the path has to be easy to drive on. For the construction of garden paths (and other work in the garden) you quickly and easily call in a professional via Zoofy.


When you have children or pets, a lawn is great. A lot of grass also gives a peaceful look to the garden. You don't have to look forward to mowing the lawn. A robot lawn mower automatically does its rounds and keeps an eye on the length of your lawn. Check out the costs of artificial grass here.


A large garden requires larger plants. Also important is the repetition of groups of plants. Limit yourself to a few robust perennials that are winter hardy. Grasses work well in combination with gravel and large tiles. If, however, you like luxuriantly flowering borders, you need not hold back on the diversity of plants.
For a large garden with a modern look, you can also choose large concrete planters or planters made of Corten steel. Add a single tree or some grasses for a grand effect.


A pond can be an excellent feature of a large garden. Depending on your wishes, this can be a natural pond or a sleek, modern pond.
The construction of a pond is best left to a professional of Zoofy. This way you can enjoy your pond for years.