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4 ways to get rid of bugs in your home

Wednesday 10 August 2022

4 tips on preventing insects

Are you bothered by unwanted guests in your home? Insects can not only be creepy, they can also create an unsanitary environment. Bees and wasps can also cause painful bites, while mosquitoes, flies and fleas can carry diseases. So it's time to make your home insect-free! Here we give you 4 handy and practical tips that will instantly ensure you have fewer critters is your home.

1. Clean up your house

To ensure that insects do not feel at home in your home, you must remove their food source. This includes not storing food outside your cupboard and not having open water. In fact, without a food source, there is not much to go around for most insects.

Don't forget your cat's or dog's food either. After your pet's meal, it is wise to put the kibble away in an airtight container. In addition, make sure food scraps such as crumbs aren't left lying around as well.

Clutter is also attractive to insects. They might build a nest in that pile of clothes in the corner, or start nesting in an old pile of newspapers. Insects could reproduce incredibly quickly this way.

2. Install screens

Fresh air is important in any home. Especially in hot weather, a breeze can be wonderful. However, opening the window comes with risks. Before you know it, you'll be infested with mosquitoes all night long. And let summer be exactly the favorite season of insects.

To open the window without being bothered by insects, a screen is a great solution. These ensure that nothing that is not welcome can get in. Also, whenever you want, you can feel free to open the window or door. Custom-made screens are the best choice, since critters then have no chance of slipping past the mesh.

Letting your home air out also means that humidity disappears faster. Think about your kitchen or bathroom. This also further prevents insects from being attracted to water.

3. Make sure your trash is put away

One person's trash, another person's prey. This is certainly true for the trash in your home. Insects love the smell of rotting food scraps, and can smell it from a long distance away. So to prevent this from becoming a hangout for insects, it is important to put your trash away properly.

Make sure trash cans with food scraps have a lid. Ideally, you should also empty the trash every day. If you have a trash can outside, it is also important to make sure it is as airtight as possible. Even the smallest hole can let insects in, creating a nest.

4. Keep your garden tidy

The state of your garden can have a big impact on the nuisance you experience from mosquitoes. For example, mosquitoes love water. Make sure you remove water in buckets or other hollow objects after a rain. Wet leaves can also be a good home for different types of insects in the fall.

Don't have a yard? Then look for a gutter close to your windows or door that could be the source of insects. Checking these regularly for blockages can prevent a nest from developing. Again, many insects need a source of water to reproduce. So any kind of source of water close to an entrance to your home can cause you to have a lot of pest problems.