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Tuesday 21 December 2021

Press release - Waiting times to find plumbers, electricians and other handymen have continued to increase. Techniek Nederland recently reported this to The personnel shortage in the technical sector is a structural problem and has been going on for some time, but recent developments such as rising energy prices and more applications for sustainability and insulation are also contributing to the increasing waiting time. According to Zoofy, however, there is no reason for people to worry, and you have found a professional in most places within half an hour.

Reasons for longer waiting times

In the news you see various reasons for the increasing waiting times. Due to a staff shortage at odd jobs companies and an increasing demand for jobs, a professional is not always immediately available, so that not everyone can be helped quickly enough, for example with plumbers and electricians. In addition, there is a worldwide shortage of chips and electronics, which means that it can take a long time before equipment is delivered. The greater interest in making homes more sustainable is also mentioned as a reason and of course we are still dealing with a pandemic, which also causes more absenteeism in the technical sector.

There are ways to quickly find the right professional

However, according to Zoofy, this is no reason for people to worry about long wait times. The internal data of the platform shows that it is still possible to quickly find a professional. In The Hague and Amsterdam, for example, the average waiting time in 2021 to find an electrician or plumber was around 20 minutes. In Rotterdam, the average waiting time was even shorter, only fifteen minutes. And even outside the Randstad, odd jobs were completed within 45 minutes on average. "There is, therefore, no reason to postpone the renovation or make your house more sustainable," says Arthur de Leeuw, founder of Zoofy.