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Extra subsidy for solar water heaters in owner-occupied homes

Thursday 20 October 2022

Last Monday, the news came out that Rob Jetten, Minister of Climate and Energy, is releasing an additional 62 million euros for those who want to make their homes more sustainable. The so-called ISDE scheme will be expanded, with money available if you want to buy a heat pump or solar boiler, for example. This scheme also includes, for example, insulating your house, or a connection to the heat network.

Subsidy for boiler

Previously, 228 million euros were available for this scheme, but the subsidy is so popular that the minister is now releasing an additional 62 million euros. From Tuesday, October 18, the extra money is available. 

Exactly how much subsidy you can get depends entirely on your situation and what kind of preservation you perform. For example, if you do one thing to make your house more sustainable (think of a heat pump), then you will get back up to about fifteen percent of the costs. If you take two measures (or more), then you even get up to about thirty percent of the cost back. 

A large part of the total 290 million euros has already been paid out, as 64,000 applications have already been made this year. These include 98 million euros in subsidies for insulation. For the installation of heat pumps, 56 million euros has been paid out.

The subsidy runs through the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). The organization expects a total of over 80,000 applications this year. That is twice as many as last year. The subsidy will continue until 2030.