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Different types of awnings: what are the options?

Thursday 08 April 2021

What advantages do sunshades have?

If you choose to use an awning, you will benefit from many interesting advantages of these screens. First of all, on hot days, you can perfectly keep the sunlight out of your interior if you have a good sunshade. This keeps the temperature in your home more pleasant and it becomes a lot less warm. Should it be really hot and an air conditioner be necessary for some comfort? Then a good sunshade will make sure that the airco doesn't have to work so hard. This not only saves a lot of energy costs, but is of course also better for the environment.

A second big plus of awnings as a home accessory is the fact that they add real visual value to your home. Whether you use external blinds, such as an articulated sunshade or a roller shutter, or choose to use slats or a duo blind, opting for beautiful window decoration really adds value to the look of your home.
And thirdly, the nice thing about good sunprotection is that it fits in perfectly with every type of interior. Whether you like a romantic interior style, a modern and clean look or a rural or classic living style: sun protection is available in all kinds of varieties, versions and styles. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions for every living style! But which types and styles of blinds are there? And what are the pros and cons of the various types of blinds?

Three types of sun blinds

There are five types of sun blinds, namely drop-down shades, articulated shades, screens (which also include shutters), awnings and shutters. Each of these types of window decoration has its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the characteristics of the mentioned types of blinds and what is the best choice for you?

1. Drop-down shades

The so-called drop-screens are known as one of the most common types of outdoor blinds. Drop awnings are used on the outside of houses and businesses and can be folded in and out manually (via a turning rod) or electronically. A major advantage of this type of awning is that they are relatively inexpensive. Secondly, the ease of use is an advantage of drop awnings. Folding in and out drop awnings is done in a jiffy. Finally, the nice thing about drop awnings is that they are available in all kinds of colours, patterns and sizes. If you have a large garden terrace, you naturally choose a drop-down screen which can provide shade for your entire terrace. This allows you to sit out in the garden, even in tropical weather. A disadvantage of drop awnings is that you have to fold them up in bad weather. So if it's going to rain or a storm is expected, you can't use this type of awning (properly).

2. Articulated screens

Articulated screens are relatively large screens, which - as the name suggests - are supported by folding arms. Articulated screens are ideal for use if you have a large garden terrace. They can be extended for many metres, allowing you to shade a large area. Another advantage of this type of sun protection is that articulated screens can be operated electrically and are therefore functional in use. For these reasons, you pay more for an articulated screen than for the smaller drop-down screens, for example.

3. Screens & shutters

A third type of sun protection that is quite popular nowadays are screens and shutters. Screens and shutters are mounted on the window frame and can be opened and closed vertically. A big advantage of this is that they take up little space. In addition, screens and shutters have the advantage that they can darken your home perfectly. Especially in bedrooms, screens are a good choice: you can make it pitch black, so you can sleep better and deeper. Another great thing about screens and roller blinds is that they have an insulating effect. Especially if you have shutters downstairs, you can keep the heat in your home considerably better on cold days. Finally, roller shutters have the advantage that they are burglar-proof. Potential burglars often skip homes with electric roller shutters because they are much harder to enter. A disadvantage of screens and roller shutters is that they can be quite expensive. Especially when you choose good quality and multiple screens and roller shutters.