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Hoekbad voor efficiente ruimte

Corner baths for efficient room layout

Tuesday 21 December 2021

The size of a bathroom largely determines the layout of a bathroom. Most people opt for a separate bath, shower and bathroom furniture. The bathroom is optionally equipped with a toilet.

A corner bath is space-saving

The minimum size for a bathroom is 1.6 m2 of floor space, with a minimum length of 0.8 meters. This space is too limited to choose both a bath and shower. Since a shower is used every day, that choice is self-evident. Nevertheless, a bath is possible if you opt for a corner bath. Its asymmetrical shape makes it a space-saving bath. A corner bath can be either a bath or a sitz bath. A sitz bath has a size of 120 centimeters. 

A bath/ shower combination and bathing

A combination of bath and shower is also an option. A shower bath has the look of a bath, but has a shower area. This part is often deeper and has a flat shape. To make entry easier, there are shower baths with a walk-in shower. A door has been placed in the bath, which makes it possible to get in and out without the high entry. The door can be supplied in a low and high version. The high variant has the advantage that it acts as a splashback.

A splash screen or shower curtain

An alternative to prevent splashing is a sliding screen that is placed on the edge of the bath. A shower curtain is a cheaper solution, but has some drawbacks. A curtain sucks itself in because of the warm temperature. This shortcoming is remedied by weighting the bottom of the curtain. Curtains come in vinyl or fabric. A less used shower bath is the bath/shower cabin. It is a combination of a bath and shower which is shielded with safety glass. Many cabins are equipped with jets, which gives bathing a whirlpool experience.

The right tiles largely determine the feeling of space in a bathroom. Large tiles have fewer joints and make a small space appear larger. A floating bathroom furniture with a shallower sink is also the right choice for a small bathroom.